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This is the European WA Office's WA vote archive. There are two ways to find the vote you are looking for. You could browse the votes by month using the lists below.

Or, if you know the author of the resolution you are looking for, or a keyword in the resolution's title, you can search using the first form below. If you do not want to limit the search by some parameter, leave that parameter empty. Author information is spotty from before 2018. If you are looking for anything back that far, search by title.

Updates are not instant. You may receive erroneous information or error messages if you find yourself near the server update. The first proposal catalogued by the WA Office was on 10 Oct 2014, midnight.

Data from before the start of 2019 was scraped from the North Pacific's vote archives, which can be found here. My thanks to r3n for making those records happen.

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