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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the Title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author
2015-12-30 SC Condemn the Land of Kings And Emperors
2015-12-28 GA Ai Coexistence Protocol
2015-12-24 GA Repeal "Preserving Antimicrobials"
2015-12-23 SC Liberate St Abbaddon
2015-12-15 SC Repeal "Commend the Red Fleet"
2015-12-12 GA Repeal "Nuclear Material Safeguards"
2015-12-11 SC Condemn Den
2015-12-07 SC Condemn the Red Fleet
2015-12-04 GA Repeal "Protection of Sapient Rights"
2015-11-28 GA Nuclear Material Safeguards
2015-11-23 GA Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms"
2015-11-18 GA Repeal "Nuclear Security Convention"
2015-11-13 SC Commend Travelling Region
2015-11-12 GA To Prevent Dangerous Debris
2015-11-04 SC Repeal "Condemn the Greater German Reich"
2015-10-31 SC Commend You
2015-10-29 GA Electoral Freedoms
2015-10-27 SC Commend the Red Fleet
2015-10-25 GA Convention On Ceasefires
2015-10-21 GA Repeal "Renewable Research Commitment"
2015-10-17 SC Commend Haiku
2015-10-14 GA Right To a Reasonable Income
2015-10-09 SC Commend Bitely
2015-10-06 GA Researching Unique Ecosystems
2015-10-04 SC Condemn the World Assembly
2015-10-02 GA Proscription On Living Shields
2015-09-29 SC Condemn Wallenburg
2015-09-28 GA Repeal "Read the Resolution Act"
2015-09-20 SC Condemn Kknight
2015-09-14 GA Minimum Standard of Living Act
2015-09-10 GA Repeal "Debris Prevention"
2015-09-04 GA Civilian Aircraft Accord
2015-08-28 GA Repeal "Military Freedom Act"
2015-08-24 GA Repeal "Living Wage Act"
2015-08-06 GA Access To Humanitarian Aid
2015-08-02 GA National Economic Liberties
2015-08-02 SC Repeal "Condemn Omigodtheykilledkenny"
2015-07-27 GA Repeal "World Space Administration"
2015-07-23 GA Protection of Sapient Rights
2015-07-19 GA Repeal "Prohibiting Animal Abuse"
2015-07-16 SC Liberate the Black Riders
2015-07-15 GA World Space Administration
2015-07-11 GA Prohibiting Animal Abuse
2015-07-07 SC Commend Flemingovia
2015-07-04 GA Protected Status In Wartime
2015-06-30 GA Preserving Antimicrobials
2015-06-27 SC Repeal "Liberate Congress of Armed Proletarian States"
2015-06-24 GA Repeal "Nuclear Power Safeguards Act"
2015-06-20 GA Repeal "the Gem Trading Accord"
2015-06-20 SC Liberate Congress of Armed Proletarian States
2015-06-12 GA Nuclear Testing Protocol
2015-06-11 SC Repeal "Commend Unibot II"
2015-06-08 GA Repeal "Humanitarian Transport"
2015-06-05 SC Repeal "Condemn the Black Riders"
2015-06-04 GA Repeal "Rights of Indigenous Peoples"
2015-05-28 GA Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2015-05-24 GA Right To Bear Arms
2015-05-20 GA Repeal "Sexual Privacy Act"
2015-05-11 GA Repeal "Responsible Arms Trading"
2015-05-02 GA Responsible Arms Trading
2015-04-29 SC Commend Sciongrad
2015-04-28 GA Non-interference In Elections
2015-04-25 SC Condemn the Pacific
2015-04-21 GA Repeal "the Right To a Lawful Divorce"
2015-04-21 SC Repeal "Commend a Mean Old Man"
2015-04-17 SC Repeal "Commend Krulltopia"
2015-04-13 SC Condemn Stujenske
2015-04-09 SC Commend Mahaj
2015-04-07 GA Repeal "Reducing Automobile Emissions"
2015-04-05 SC Commend Renegade Islands Alliance
2015-04-03 GA No Penalty Without Law
2015-04-01 SC Repeal "Commend Tiago Silva"
2015-03-29 GA On Scientific Cooperation
2015-03-28 SC Commend Historia Novorum
2015-03-25 GA Repeal "International Expositions Act"
2015-03-24 SC Condemn Imperium of the Wolf
2015-03-21 GA Repeal "Prevention of Torture"
2015-03-17 GA Infectious Disease Control
2015-03-13 GA Repeal "Cooperation In Science Act"
2015-03-13 SC Commend Forever Fields
2015-03-09 GA Nuclear Material Pact
2015-03-05 GA Repeal "Nuclear Testing Safety"
2015-03-03 SC Repeal "Liberate Democratia"
2015-03-01 GA Wartime Looting And Pillage
2015-02-25 GA Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act"
2015-02-23 SC Commend Luna Amore
2015-02-21 GA Repeal "On Genetically Modified Foods"
2015-02-19 SC Condemn the New Inquisition
2015-02-17 GA Nuclear Power Safeguards Act
2015-02-13 GA Repeal "Suppress International Piracy"
2015-02-09 GA Repeal "Defense of Self And Others"
2015-02-07 SC Commend Evil Wolf
2015-02-05 GA Repeal "Freedom of Marriage Act"
2015-02-03 SC Repeal "Liberate Republicans"
2015-02-01 GA On Universal Jurisdiction
2015-01-28 GA War Crimes Tribunal
2015-01-27 SC Repeal "Liberate the Mountains To the East"
2015-01-24 GA Repeal "Marine Debris Accord"
2015-01-23 SC Commend Westwind
2015-01-20 GA Disabled Voters Act
2015-01-16 GA Ban On Double Taxation
2015-01-11 GA Marine Debris Accord
2015-01-03 GA Promotion of Dance
2015-01-02 SC Commend Tao the Watcher