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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the Title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author
2016-12-20 GA Repeal "Securing Nuclear Materials From Dastardly Menaces" Wallenburg
2016-12-16 GA Repeal "Right of Emigration"
2016-12-16 SC Condemn the Cain
2016-12-12 GA Securing Nuclear Materials From Dastardly Menaces Imperium Anglorum
2016-12-08 GA Compliance Commission Imperium Anglorum
2016-12-06 SC Liberate Kingdom of Ireland
2016-12-01 SC Repeal "Liberate Eternal Scholars"
2016-11-28 GA Rights of the Quarantined
2016-11-27 SC Repeal "Liberate Singapore"
2016-11-23 GA Foreign Patent Act Wallenburg
2016-11-16 GA Wa Peacekeeping Charter
2016-11-15 SC Liberate United Defenders League
2016-11-11 SC Commend Benevolent Thomas
2016-11-07 GA National Control of Elections
2016-11-05 SC Liberate Singapore
2016-11-03 GA Repeal "Quarantine Regulation"
2016-11-01 SC Liberate Singapore
2016-10-28 SC Repeal "Liberate the Nsia"
2016-10-24 SC Condemn the Invaders
2016-10-20 GA Reducing Statelessness Imperium Anglorum
2016-10-19 SC Condemn the Invaders
2016-10-15 SC Liberate the Nsia
2016-10-09 SC Liberate Social Liberal Union
2016-10-04 GA Nuclear Weapons Accord
2016-09-19 SC Commend Benevolent Thomas
2016-09-15 SC Liberate Dank Memes
2016-08-30 GA Quarantine Regulation
2016-08-21 SC Commend Lone Wolves United
2016-08-20 GA Repeal "Foreign Patent Recognition"
2016-08-12 GA Against Suicide Seeds
2016-08-11 SC Condemn Gregoryisgodistan
2016-08-07 SC Repeal "Liberate the Place That Has No Big Banks"
2016-08-06 GA Environmental Warfare Act
2016-08-02 GA Mercantile Prizes of War
2016-07-27 SC Liberate Eternal Scholars
2016-07-24 GA Repeal "Humanitarian Aid Expansion Act"
2016-07-20 GA Protection of Partially Born
2016-07-19 SC Repeal "Liberate Utopia"
2016-07-16 GA Humanitarian Aid Expansion Act
2016-07-13 SC Liberate California
2016-07-09 SC Liberate the Place That Has No Big Banks
2016-07-07 GA Repeal "Nuclear Arms Protocol"
2016-06-30 GA Digital Network Defense
2016-06-14 GA Pesticide Regulations
2016-06-12 SC Condemn Macedonia
2016-06-08 SC Repeal "Liberate the Arab League"
2016-06-06 GA Repeal "Preventing Animal Abuse"
2016-06-03 SC Repeal "Liberate Alliance Against Nazis"
2016-06-01 GA Crime And Punishment
2016-05-28 GA The Rule of Law
2016-05-27 SC Liberate the Arab League
2016-05-24 GA Repeal "Convention On Execution"
2016-05-23 SC Commend Hell
2016-05-20 GA Preventing Animal Abuse
2016-05-16 GA Toxic Heavy Metals Act
2016-05-08 GA Repeal "Stopping Invasive Species"
2016-05-04 GA Reproductive Education Act
2016-05-03 SC Repeal "Condemn the Pacific"
2016-04-30 GA Repeal "Law Enforcement Education"
2016-04-26 GA Repeal "Preservation of Artefacts"
2016-04-26 SC Commend Vancouvia
2016-04-22 GA Responsible Arms Transfers
2016-04-18 GA Repeal "Stopping Suicide Seeds"
2016-04-16 SC Commend Dyr Nasad
2016-04-14 GA Nuclear Security Protocol
2016-04-12 SC Commend Nova Hansa
2016-04-10 GA Law Enforcement Education
2016-04-08 SC Condemn Thomas Branson III
2016-04-06 GA Repeal "Cyber Security Convention"
2016-04-04 SC Condemn Caelapes
2016-04-02 GA Repeal "Rights And Duties of Wa States"
2016-03-31 SC Liberate Alliance Against Nazis
2016-03-29 GA Preservation of Artefacts
2016-03-25 GA Repeal "Sexual Health And Education Act"
2016-03-23 SC Commend Separatist Peoples
2016-03-17 GA Cyber Security Convention
2016-03-13 SC Repeal "Condemn Vandoosa"
2016-03-12 GA Sexual Health And Education Act
2016-02-18 GA Cluster Munitions Accord
2016-02-16 SC Repeal "Condemn Stujenske"
2016-02-14 GA Repeal "Nuclear Waste Safety Act"
2016-02-05 GA Explosive Remnants of War
2016-02-01 GA Promotion of Clean Energy
2016-01-28 GA Right To Sexual Privacy
2016-01-22 SC Repeal "Condemn Den"
2016-01-21 GA Landmine Safety Protocol
2016-01-18 SC Commend Bearnation
2016-01-14 SC Commend Nation of Quebec
2016-01-12 GA Ban On Booby-trapped Aid
2016-01-12 SC Condemn the Royal Lagrangian
2016-01-05 GA Rights of Sapient Species