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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the Title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author
2017-12-29 SC Commend Tsunamy
2017-12-22 SC Repeal "Liberate Dank Memes"
2017-12-09 GA Safeguarding Nuclear Materials
2017-12-04 SC Commend Northern Redlands
2017-12-02 GA Repeal "Restrictions On Hydraulic Fracturing"
2017-11-29 SC Repeal "Condemn the Black Hawks"
2017-11-25 GA Restrictions On Hydraulic Fracturing
2017-11-21 GA Ban On Ritual Sacrifice
2017-11-21 SC Commend the Macabees
2017-11-15 GA Repeal "Freedom To Seek Medical Care"
2017-11-12 SC Commend Ransium
2017-11-10 GA Freedom To Seek Medical Care
2017-11-05 GA Wetland Protection Protocol
2017-11-03 SC Commend Candlewhisper Archive
2017-10-30 GA Marriage Blocker
2017-10-26 GA Public Health And Vaccinations Act
2017-10-22 GA Convention On Domestic Partnerships
2017-10-18 SC Commend Europeia
2017-10-17 GA Repeal "Marriage Equality"
2017-10-13 GA Freedom of Language Act
2017-10-10 SC Commend Zwangzug
2017-10-09 GA Marriage Equality
2017-10-05 GA Ocean Noise Reduction
2017-09-29 SC Repeal "Condemn the Black Riders"
2017-09-28 GA Ban On Secret Treaties
2017-09-20 GA Freedom To Seek Care
2017-09-13 SC Repeal "Commend Texas"
2017-09-12 GA Convention On Internet Neutrality
2017-09-09 SC Repeal "Condemn Kknight"
2017-09-08 GA Repeal "Prevention of Torture"
2017-09-05 SC Commend Wopruthien
2017-09-04 GA Freedom of Religion
2017-09-01 SC Commend August
2017-08-31 GA National Sovereignty Act
2017-08-28 SC Commend Gay
2017-08-27 GA Emergency Healthcare For International Travelers
2017-08-24 SC Repeal "Condemn General Halcones"
2017-08-23 GA Against Political Discrimination
2017-08-19 SC Repeal "Condemn Gest"
2017-08-17 GA Repeal "Internet Neutrality Act"
2017-08-15 SC Condemn Reventus Koth
2017-08-11 GA Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms"
2017-08-02 GA Repeal "Enabling the Disabled In Academia"
2017-08-02 SC Commend Christian Democrats
2017-07-29 GA Limitations On Banishment
2017-07-25 GA Extrajudicial Punishment Ban
2017-07-21 GA Enabling the Disabled In Academia
2017-07-03 SC Condemn Wrektopia
2017-06-24 GA Trade of Endangered Organisms
2017-06-18 GA Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms"
2017-06-12 SC Commend Drasnia
2017-06-08 GA Repeal "Rights And Duties of Wa States"
2017-06-06 SC Repeal "Liberate Dank Memes"
2017-06-02 GA Repeal "Stock Exchanges And Foreign Investment"
2017-05-26 GA Choice In Education
2017-05-22 GA Regulation of Tobacco Advertising
2017-05-17 GA Regulation of Tobacco
2017-05-16 SC Condemn the Order of the Grey Wardens
2017-05-13 GA Repeal "World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact"
2017-05-12 SC Commend Imperium Anglorum
2017-05-09 GA Stock Exchanges And Foreign Investment
2017-05-08 SC Repeal "Condemn Canterlot"
2017-05-05 GA World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact
2017-05-04 SC Commend Yggdrasil
2017-05-01 GA Repeal "Pesticide Regulations"
2017-04-30 SC Condemn Canterlot
2017-04-21 SC Commend the Rejected Realms
2017-04-12 GA Responsibility In Transferring Arms
2017-04-08 SC Commend Forest
2017-04-03 GA Internet Neutrality Act
2017-03-22 GA World Assembly Central Library Compact
2017-03-18 GA Repeal "Open Internet Order"
2017-03-16 SC Commend the North Pacific
2017-03-12 SC Liberate Femdom Empire
2017-03-11 GA Open Internet Order
2017-03-07 GA International Patent Agreement
2017-03-05 SC Liberate Illuminati
2017-03-01 SC Liberate South Pacific
2017-02-28 GA Foreign Patent Protection Act
2017-02-25 SC Condemn the Black Hawks
2017-02-23 GA Repeal "Foreign Patent Act"
2017-02-21 SC Repeal "Liberate the Arab League"
2017-02-09 SC Repeal "Liberate Eternal Scholars"
2017-02-05 SC Condemn Elite Region of Global Command
2017-02-01 SC Liberate the Bee Land
2017-01-28 SC Condemn the Cain
2017-01-24 SC Commend Renaissancistic People
2017-01-18 SC Condemn Anarchestan
2017-01-14 SC Liberate Antalia
2017-01-10 SC Liberate the Arab League
2017-01-09 GA Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act"
2017-01-05 SC Repeal "Liberate Kingdom of Ireland"
2017-01-04 GA Protection of Nuclear Armaments