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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the Title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author
2019-01-31 GA Repeal "Safeguarding Nuclear Materials" Wallenburg
2019-01-23 GA Freedom to Seek Medical Care II New Waldensia
2019-01-22 SC Liberate Politics Amino Kuriko
2019-01-19 GA Repeal "Debtor Voting Rights" Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar
2019-01-17 SC Repeal "Commend Imperium Anglorum" Jocospor
2019-01-14 GA Debtor Voting Rights Imperium Anglorum
2019-01-13 SC Commend Paffnia Kuriko
2019-01-09 SC Commend Jutsa Candensia
2019-01-05 GA Preventing Groundwater Contamination Wallenburg
2019-01-01 SC Commend Lyras Kostrorleauny