Welcome to InfoEurope, a project by Imperium Anglorum to provide members of the NationStates region Europe with information on the region.

If you are a member of Europe's government with user credentials, provide them at the login page. Otherwise, use the tabs above to access our public records.

I encourage you to join Europe, which is the main beneficiary of this website.

Europe is an ancient region founded in 2002, during the earliest days NationStates. In the past, we have gone from heights to lows — ridiculous power in the World Assembly under the leadership of Alsted to division under others.

We are a region of ancient promise and ancient lands, stretching beyond the message boards and regional histories can see (that is, we predate those histories). On the side of fun, we also have a strong offsite forum with the best roleplaying community in NationStates. And, we have a free endorsement policy where your endorsements are not capped by the regional government to prop up their wholly synthetic governments.

We are old and strong. With an active founder, we are also safe from both invasion and rogue delegates, and, as one of the strongest voices in the World Assembly, you can be active in the World Assembly to build a better world today and spread your influence far and wide.