Who am I?

I am Imperium Anglorum (though my normal user handle, through things like GitHub is ifly6). I am the current, as of this writing, the 29 March 2016, Delegate of the region Europe, which is currently the 18th largest region in the world. I am the current Delegate of Europe, which (as of 23 February 2018) is currently the 13th largest region in the world.

I have written six 20 26 30+ General Assembly resolutions on various topics. They have ranged from topics of international arms sales, domestic indigenous peoples policy, animal rights, and more recently, the hotchpotch of nuclear weapons legislation and the question of capital punishment.

As Delegate of Europe, I have served as its chief recruiter and diplomat, expanding the reach and influence of the region far beyond its shores as well as supporting and expanding Europe's role in the World Assembly.


In NationStates, my nation and my colleagues in Europe's cabinet look out for Europe's interests at home and abroad, seeking to defend and protect its well-being as well as expand its influence. I was inspired to aspire to the Delegacy when looking through the history of Europe. Through different nations in the past, such as Transilia, I had joined Europe for a time, back when it was under the stable hand of Alsted.

World Assembly

Imperium Anglorum is an active player in the World Assembly. It generally attempts to look out for the protection of free trade throughout the world, national rights, and those issues that require national importance.

Currently, I run the Passed Resolutions thread on the GA forum, keeping track of passed GA resolutions. I also run a database which keeps track of past General Assembly Secretariat and some Moderator rulings. You can also find on this website a tracker of almost all GA and SC proposals submitted to the World Assembly.


Along with my contributions in the World Assembly, I have undertaken a number of projects to expand the field of knowledge easily available to players of NationStates, including:

This site hosts a number of different informational services, which you can find in the navigation bar.