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The Accomplishments Act

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: aberdcia_1585213780
Created: 2020-03-26 05:09

Category: Education and Creativity
Option: Educational
Author: aberdcia

Hailing and acknowledging firmly the progress in the area of accomplishments and education made by the World Assembly,
Seeking to strengthen and augment this,
the World Assembly hereby lawfully requires all member states to legally act and follow the following articles :
Article 1.
a) Realising that the accomplishments, work experience and the education of each citizen is of utmost importance for the prosperity of humanity, and that most nations no longer place much emphasis on this,

b) Noting that while many nations have educated citizens, the majority of young citizens do not have proper work experience and another percentage do not have access to proper education,

c) Understanding that one of the few ways for citizens to gain experience in many areas and sectors of industry,
d) Concerned there is minimal cooperation between countries belonging to the World Assembly on the matter due to ideological differences, language barriers and distrust,
e) Hereby requests all nations to pledge to cooperate more on the area of allowing their citizens to accomplish more feats and increasing the level of education across the world.
Article 2.
a) While recognising that increased cooperation between countries will help in the promotion of education and accomplishments, as well as the acquisition of work experience in many sectors and industries,
b) The World Assembly still recognised that more can be done. Therefore hereby proposes an ACCOMPLISHMENTS ACT, which will
Article 3.
a) implement mandatory education in all member states of the World Assembly, from the age of six (which will be considered elementary education) to the age of eighteen. In the hopes of increasing education levels further, the General Assembly proposes that nations who are willing to further the education of their citizens can have the option to extend this education to the age of twenty-one,
bi) Mandate that every single citizen of all member nations hereby be required to ‘accomplish’ feats and achievements,
bii) Therefore every citizen must complete a certain number of tasks and feats sent by their nation’s government every week, or if necessary, the World Assembly (should the nation be impoverished or currently in turmoil),
bii) Such feats or tasks could range from earning a diploma to writing a book, to climbing a mountain, depending on many factors including the family background of said citizen, health, and age, and their working hours. The elderly or minors will be exempt.
biv) All expenses incurred as a result of completion of feats by citizens as a result of this Act will be funded and shared among the nations of the World Assembly provided by any budget surpluses nations may have.
bv) This will benefit citizens and equip them with accomplishments and achievements for resumes or other purposes, or to give them more experience in life in general.
c) The Act will provide valuable training lessons for jobs across a wide range of industry sectors, from information technology to arms manufacturing. This training will allow more people to be equipped and more eligible for certain jobs based on the training they receive.
Article 4.
Therefore, the Act will allow people all over the world, regardless of race, language or religion, to be more accomplished, educated and prepared for life.
With humanity’s best concern in mind, the World Assembly


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