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The Dreams Act

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: aberdcia_1585220760
Created: 2020-03-26 07:06

Category: Education and Creativity
Option: Educational
Author: aberdcia

Hailing and acknowledging firmly the progress of humanity made by the World Assembly,
Seeking to strengthen and augment this,
the World Assembly hereby lawfully requires all member states to legally act and follow the following articles :
Article 1.
a) Realising that the number of major accomplishments per human is of utmost importance for the prosperity of humanity, and that most nations no longer place much emphasis on this,
b) Noting that while many nations have accomplished citizens, the majority of young citizens do not have the opportunity to follow their dreams or fulfil them,
c) Understanding that one of the few ways for citizens to gain experience in many areas and sectors of industry,
d) Concerned there is minimal cooperation between countries belonging to the World Assembly on the matter of helping people fulfil their dreams due to ideological differences, language barriers and distrust,
e) Hereby requests all nations to pledge to cooperate more on the area of allowing their citizens to accomplish more feats and help them fulfil their dreams around the world, regardless of scale or complexity.
Therefore, the General Assembly proposes a DREAMS ACT, which will -
Article 2.
LONG TERM GOAL) allow every citizen belonging to a member nation in the a World Assembly to have the opportunity to chase their dreams and fulfil them, regardless of income level or race.
In order to achieve this, the Assembly proposes that every member state contribute funds for the creation of a Dreams World Assembly Committee, which will allow citizens from any member state in the World Assembly to register,
Registering with their name and citizenship number, and listing the dream they would like have fulfilled (whether it be attaining his or her dream job, going on a trip to a ski resort or fulfilling his or her bucket list), and the Committee will then allocate funds appropriately to that person so he or she can live out their dream.
Nations struggling with conflict or strife need not contribute funds.
In the interest and benefit of every person in the World Assembly and for the betterment of humanity, the World Assembly


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