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Youth Educational Alternatives Act

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Chamber: General Assembly
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Created: 2020-03-08 13:49

Category: Education and Creativity
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Author: an_islamic_world

The World Assembly:
AWARE that many member nations provide the youth of their nation with an educational system managed by the government
ACKNOWLEDGING that parents may have concerns regarding the education their children are receiving, due to various reasons including, but not limited to, their religious beliefs (or non-beliefs), cultural views, or general concern about the educational quality provided by the state
DECLARING that the state may presently have a legal monopoly on educating the youth of a nation.
The World Assembly hereby declares:
All member nations are to permit the establishment of private educational facilities (henceforth to be referred to as 'private schools') in their nation, provided that they have not already done so.
Private schools may be established on the basis of: religious education, non-religious education, or as a simple alternative to state-funded education
Member nations may regulate private schools, within reason, to guarantee that an attendee of one achieves the same level of educational quality as an attendee of a state-funded school. However, they may not interfere with the basis that the private school was founded upon.


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