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Infrastructure Regulation Reform

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Chamber: General Assembly
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Created: 2020-03-04 19:11

Category: Advancement of Industry
Option: Commercial Enterprise
Author: androtaloyria

For too long, the world's transportation systems have been depleted. In order to lift these countries out of poverty, it is essential for those countries to have good transportation systems. However, many things keep countries from being able to improve their infrastructure. One of these is the environmental regulation posed in many countries around the world. Currently, there is a proposal in the World Assembly to improve the infrastructure of every nation. While this proposal will be extremely beneficial to the world, it will not be able to occur or happen well enough due to over regulation. This proposal's goal is to allow for the deregulation of infrastructure projects to lower costs, boost growth, and shorten the time of transportation projects.
1. Countries should research environment impact of projects for no longer than 2 months
- If it takes more than two months, then the project should be given to a vote by the people who are in the project's region
- If the majority vote yes, the project may continue, but must be conducted and break ground in 1 1/2 months.
2. Countries are not required to pay a minimum wage to workers at $15 an hour. As long as the minimum wage is $10-12, it is legal
3. Private Sector Infrastructure Projects only need 1 Federal Approval for their project, not multiple
4. To avoid the skyrocketing costs, governments are required to dispatch overlooking committees on projects to make sure that there is no corruption involved
This way, the governments and private sector infrastructure projects can be easily done. In a faster period of time and a lower cost, this means that there would be more benefits of these infrastructure projects that will lead to the rise of domestic and international commerce in the world.


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