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Repeal "Preventing the Execution of Innocents"

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: asterguard_1585105348
Created: 2020-03-24 23:02

Category: Repeal
Option: Resolution ID 704
Author: asterguard

The World Assembly,
Understanding the resolutions goal to mediate the severity of punishments for capital crimes, and spare the lives of those accused of it.
Noting that the resolutions passage was successful by a margin of 769 member votes.
Asserting that GA Resolution #443 violates a nations ability to determine its own laws and punishments for infractions of them.
Expressing that the World Assembly wishes to grant a viable source of control over member states internal policy, and does not wish to violate these morals.
Hereby repeals GA#443 "Preventing the Execution of Innocents"


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