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Repeal "Defending the Rights of Sexual and Gender Minorities"

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: auxorii_1585458587
Created: 2020-03-29 01:09

Category: Repeal
Option: Resolution ID 733
Author: auxorii

The World Assembly,
Understanding the importance and necessity in protecting all people regardless of sexual orientation,
Recognizing that acknowledging the poor wording of a resolution does not take away any weight to the importance of civil rights, nor seek to establish an unequal society or uphold such unjust standards,
Also recognizing the rights of nations to dictate their own laws on marriage, specifically on the matter of polygamy.
Noting that the wording of 1. a. of the aforementioned resolution: “REQUIRES all member nations which allow civil marriages between individuals of a certain sexuality or gender to allow civil marriages between individuals of all sexualities and genders, subject to previously passed extant World Assembly resolutions” is written intentionally vague in order to cover all marriages- regardless of the relationship(s) or context involved,
Appalled that such wording mandates that nations recognize all civil marriage ceremonies, without regard to consent, age or number of participants or the genetic relations of participants,
Pointing out that the aforementioned resolution defines marriage as: a legally recognised union of two or more people as partners in a personal relationship, solemnised as a civil contract with or without religious ceremony”,
Believing that nations have a right to condemn practices such as polygamy, incestuous or pedophilic marriages and subsequently are prohibited from doing so under the current World Assembly law,
Disgusted that in 3., age is actually purported to be an “arbitrary, reductive criteria” in the institution of marriage, comparing discrimination of LGBTQ+ citizens to the just criminalization of pedophilia,
Also noting that 5. in the resolution does not do it’s intended job of clarifying, and provides no sense of security, specific protections or excusals for such religious institutions or organizations that the resolution claims to want to protect,
Asserting that the issue of civil rights is a fundamental question that pertains to the nation itself; and that such a generalized resolution, albeit well intended, cannot do its intended job and instead attempts to do the impossible in solving the issue of civil rights regarding sexual orientation with a single resolution,
Hoping for future efforts by the World Assembly to properly protect citizens of any criteria, but that it is to be a well thought out and competent effort that seeks to accomplish its exact goals in mind without openly impeding on basic national sovereignty.
Hereby repeals General Assembly Resolution #457 “Defending The Rights Of Sexual And Gender Minorities”


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auxorii 29 Mar 2020, 1:10 a.m.

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