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Abolish Slavery

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: empirical_switzerland_1583764779
Created: 2020-03-09 10:39

Category: Civil Rights
Option: Strong
Author: empirical_switzerland

This document hereby makes illegal any form of slavery within any member of the WA.
Wether one nation in the WA sells, buys, or participates in any way to allow the slave trade in their nation, must immediately stop doing so once this law is passed
Laws this document presents:
This document prohibits the following within any WA nation for the betterment of the WA:
1. Selling, buying, or having slaves within the country.
2. Openly protecting or supporting the act of slavery in any country.
3. Any human owning another human as property
This document presents the following to all nations in the WA as well:
1. All nations in the WA must publicly announce the Abolishment pf slavery and make it considered illegal
2. If any slaves are in a nation of the WA, all must be freed and given the rights of any normal citizen.
3. Any people(s) found making other individuals work without pay will be arrested and tried in court for slavery. Their prison sentence is determined by the nation it is in, but must be between 20 years-life sentence.
4. All Slave-owners are to release their slaves or face punishment(determined by that nation), and if they decide to rightfully free their slaves they will be pardoned, but if caught participating in slavery again, they will be punished with the charges listed on presented law #3.(see law above the current)
So hereby, this document enforces all laws stated above, and totally abolishes slavery in any nation of the World Assembly.


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