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Abolish Abortion

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: empirical_switzerland_1584297526
Created: 2020-03-15 14:38

Category: Moral Decency
Option: Significant
Author: empirical_switzerland

This document hereby implies that upon ratification from the WA all abortion must be shut down for good.
This document illegalities the following activity:
1. Performing an abortion via doctor
2. Going to or allowing the establishment of abortion clinics
This document also presents the following laws to the member states of the WA:
1. The closest legal act to abortion are birth control pills.
2. Abortion of any kind is shut down and abortion clinics are closed
3. Any abortions found being performed are to charge the mother and doctor(or person performing the abortion) with a new sentence(see law 4, below)
4. A new sentence will be introduced known as “abortion based- murder”. And it’s serve time in prison is the same time for murder, given via that country’s government laws for murder.
Hereby, abortion is now a federal crime, classified and recognized as murder, and it will be punishable. So therefore, all of these statements are put into place as the laws of any country in the WA.


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