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Biological Weapon Prohibition Act

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: evansa_1585235930
Created: 2020-03-26 11:18

Category: Global Disarmament
Option: Significant
Author: evansa

The World Assembly,
Noticing that modern warfare is developing quickly
Worried that as warfare keeps evolving, it gets more and more deadly
Afraid about the safety of innocent civilians.
Worried that if a biological weapon gets out of control, it could destroy an entire region or ecosystem.
For the purposes of this resolution,
-Defines a biological weapon (Bio-weapon) as any disease that has been engineered by humans as a weapon to weaken or collapse a nation.
The General Assembly hereby,
-Bans the use of bio-weapons in warfare.
-Cancels any project of building a biological weapon.
-Prohibits the act of harnessing a naturally occurring disease that has not been genetically engineered and unleashing on to a nation.
-Forces a nation that has already created a biological weapon to keep it under complete surveillance 24 hours a day.
-Categorizes a biological weapon as a weapon of mass destruction.


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