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Pandemic Prevention Act

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: godnumia_verblentaul_1585034528
Created: 2020-03-24 03:22

Category: Health
Option: International Aid
Author: godnumia_verblentaul

The World Assembly,
Recognizes the threat pandemics pose to the health and economic stability of nations across the globe.
Seeking to prevent such from occurring in both wealthy and impoverished nations alike.
Encourages nations who possess the resources necessary to provide aid to nations who are undergoing epidemics.
Requires all member nations who are suffering from epidemics to:
    a. issue quarantine including restrictions on exports and travel within the nation.
Prohibits nations to use international aid as a means to increase economical and/or political influence in the nation or region which is being provided said aid.
Empowers the World Assembly to issue sanctions and restrictions on nations who attempt to use international aid for their own economic and/or political gain.


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