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Less Nukes Saves Money and Lives

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: independent_gamers_1583760901
Created: 2020-03-09 09:35

Category: Global Disarmament
Option: Significant
Author: independent_gamers

Proposal:a significant reduction of nukes and other WMD'S
reason 1: the cost to produce and maintain a weapon that will never be used is extremely high. and reducing the amount of these types of weapons will save millions and free up any money that can be used for more important things like disaster relief.
reason 2: there is also the effect it has on other people,since nuclear energy can sometimes cause radiation which means that if someone is in close proximity to a poorly maintained object that contains nuclear energy they might get radiation sickness.also in the event WMD'S are used which without a doubt will kill thousands if not millions,and those lives did not have to die such a gruesome and horrific death.
reason 3:another result of using nukes is the environmental damage it will do. the damage done will be almost irreversible and the scars will be there for hundreds of years and be uninhabitable until the radiation clears
conclusion: a reduction of nukes and WMD'S will save money,lives and the environment


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