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Restricting Corporate Manipulation

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: independent_proletariat_union_1584921523
Created: 2020-03-22 19:58

Category: Regulation
Option: Legal Reform
Author: independent_proletariat_union

Category: Regulation
Area of Effect: Legal Reform
Proposed by: Independent Proletariat Union
As seen in a significant amount of nations in the WA, corporations are in a constant battle with political freedom. It should come as no surprise that some of the largest nations in the WA are currently nations with very low political rights but high economic freedom. The very existence of these corporate oligarchies through direct corruption or a lack of regulation is a slap in the face to the political freedom supported by the WA, and should be dealt with quickly and thoroughly in a manner that doesn’t force democracy but instead enhances it.
This will ensure that political freedom is protected and votes are not bought by the use of corporate propaganda (if the specific nation is democratic). In addition, this will be ratified to a large extent and will use the already democratic organizations within the WA in order to decrease the great majority of the political corruption that can come with this bill.
Acknowledging that this proposal can give a significant amount of power to the government if not handled properly, this must heavily ratify the definition of being a political organization. It will do so by describing what fundamental traits make a “political organization” and by ensuring that all accusations regarding national encouragement of the corporate corruption mentioned below will be handled in the currently existing judicial systems in the WA.
What is being proposed today is:
In order to become a political organization, the group must have at maximum 25% of its expenses or donations go to marketing or buying products (selling to other organizations isn’t allowed), and may not be in any other manner connected to for-profit organizations. Any corporation that wishes to sell to political organizations must keep prices constant for every political organization without any form of exclusivity. Finally, any group that is not considered a political organization may not in any way change prices in an immediate manner that purposefully affects political climates.
Organizations that are not considered political organizations must be banned from advertising direct political advertisements. This does not include artwork that has underlying political messages such as movies or paintings.
A ban on funding the expanse in popularity of political ideas or candidates through organizations that are not considered “political organizations.” All cases of corporate propaganda will be settled in a courtroom in a just manner. Finally, groups that are not “political organizations” may not in any way fund or donate to non-profit organizations.


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