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Usage of Nukes on Non Innovative Countries

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: itadministrationdesk_1583730029
Created: 2020-03-09 01:00

Category: Regulation
Option: Energy
Author: itadministrationdesk

Intel from my spies in east Bosnia and Northern Russia have found that some countries have not been using innovative nastro desks, not implementing ILG brainwashing programs and worst of all not attempting to rescue lime scooters from rivers and streams. Yes, Yas was given some vegan pond water to calm her down so don't worry. Anyway, in punishment for not introducing such measures as part of their countries, we shall nuke them all until all buildings crumble in ruins, and then nuke them some more to punish them for not jumping in to rescue their lime scooters. (As per request of Yas). Then we shall build thousands of Junior Secondary and IT rooms over the rubble. It shall be a glorious day


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