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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: lansaka_1584030133
Created: 2020-03-12 12:22

Category: International Security
Option: Significant
Author: lansaka

The World Assembly,
Promoting a stronger military for each and every state,
Supporting worldwide safety,
Commanding all states to include a new branch of said state's Armed Forces,
1. To lead fights away from citizens of states by:
A) Attempting to start said fight in space,
B) Keeping the fight in space, and
C) Ending the fight in space,
2. To keep environments safe from destruction,
3. To keep debris off of the surface of our planet by:
A) Collecting all debris in orbit and
B) Launching all debris away from our planet,
Recommending a relatively large sum of income from national tax earnings to be spent on the new branch,
Excluding states that meet one or more of the following requirements to be exempt:
1. Are struggling financially and cannot afford it,
2. Are pacifist and do not believe in fighting or military, or
3. Are not advanced enough to have the technology,
Requiring the following to be added along with the branch:
1. A national space program (if the state does not have one already),
2. Rankings for soldiers,
3. Designated launch and land areas on the surface of our planet,
4. An amount of soldiers relative to the population of the state,
5. A federal officer to inspect and oversee operations,
6. A logo and slogan to encourage people to register, and
7. At least 30 bases on the surface and in space,
The World Assembly commands all states within the World Assembly that do not meet any of the exclusions above to add a Space Force to their Armed Forces.


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