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The Prevention of Child Abuse Act

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: leishmania_1585544569
Created: 2020-03-30 01:02

Category: Civil Rights
Option: Significant
Author: leishmania

The adopted nations of the World Assembly,
NOTING that the World Assembly has both a large historical precedent of, and a vested interest in, valuing the longevity of its institutions;
BELIEVING that immoral institutions naturally promote their own disintegration by failing to account for human intelligence and competence, as those immutable qualities will eventually be utilized in seeking individual moral respect, and thus the dissolution of the immoral institution;
BELIEVING thus that resolutions with an inherent moral logic are best conducive to the fruition of the value of longevity;
FURTHER NOTING that the legislative status quo regarding the issue of mitigating child abuse is horribly lacking in moral cohesion and efficacy;
FURTHER BELIEVING that, having established the fundamental value of longevity, any objection to the aforementioned mitigation made from a place of political or logistical concern cannot stand soundly as an argument against action, as such concerns pale in comparison to the moral importance of the issue at hand;
FURTHER BELIEVING that the assumption that procreation is a natural right, even for those with a history of sexual and physical child abuse, is a poorly conceived ideology functioning within a status quo that enables tragic and immoral subjugation on a global scale in the form of intentional child abuse under the guise of protecting individual autonomy;
FURTHER NOTING that this assumption necessarily entails the violation of the rights of children; namely, the right to not be abused, and that this right is inherently more valuable than that of a known abuser’s to procreate;
FURTHER NOTING that, therefore, this assumption ought to be abandoned.
a. No legislation proposed in this resolution is an attempt at trivializing issues not mentioned;
b. Even in the scope of the specified topic, the legislation may not address certain important facets of the issue at hand, thus leading to the allowance of further immoral action;
c. In the event of the aforementioned possibility, the proposed legislation should not be viewed as a hindrance to further action, but as a necessary foundation upon which to commence said action;
d. If any “known abuser” is exonerated or proven not guilty, the following legislation obviously does not apply.
1. RENDERS it illegal for individuals convicted of the sexual or physical abuse of and violence against minors to continue or commence procreation.
Co-authored by Sothoth Shub


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