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Chamber: Security Council
NS id: new_swaraelia_1584122451
Created: 2020-03-13 14:00

Category: Commendation
Target: prydaun
Author: new_swaraelia

The Honourable Security Council and World Assembly,
In recognition of Prydaun, a nation exemplifying all the core values of the World Assembly and then some,
With acknowledgement of its strong domestic policy, delivering handsome profits, its bountiful regional efforts, and its thoroughly commendable international policy, from supporting a strong space programme to delivering upon a climate treatise,
In awe of the strong domestic policies, such as a rating of 'excellent' in regard to its political freedom, evidently thanks to in no small part its strong and long-lasting traditions of devolution, proportional representation, and term limits for elected officials,
Commemorating the strong societal policies leading to its 'superb' civil rights rating along with being in the top one (1) per cent of all nations in the world in inclusiveness, among them same-sex marriage, legalised cannabis, and euthanasia,
Acclaiming the strong public services provided, among them:
Leading to its over 5 billion citizens to be in the upper echelon of society in regards to:
Impressed by the extraordinarily-well economy, with not only a rank of "frightening" but with a gross domestic product of £756 trillion rounding out to an impressive per capita GDP of £149,060,
Aware of these and all the other massive strides made in domestic and international policy, while not forgetting its vast regional influence with a rank of 'dealmaker' and one of the writers of the Constitution of The 1st Entente, of which the nation has continuously resided in for over 630 days,
Declaring The Republic of Prydaun a beacon of which all nations should stride to in all matters technological, economical, philosophical, cultural, societal, governmental, vegetable, animal, and mineral,
Hereby and resolutely commends Prydaun.


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