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Chamber: General Assembly
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Created: 2020-03-24 08:19

Category: Health
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Author: rockafa

RECOGNISING That healthcare may be run by the government under their law and sanitary, bioethical, medical, pharmaceutical and clinical standards
REALISING That private healthcare in a country may be unregulated by the government
SEEING That the WA has power over trade and business, including private companies for healthcare
ENSURING That private healthcare companies may be regulated by WA standards in case of the absence of national private healthcare laws:
Hereby defines, for the purpose of this resolution:
1) Private healthcare as non-government-funded healthcare, run by an industrial company
2) Sanitation as cleanliness and sterilisation of a hospital or medical facility to stop spread of disease
3) Bioethics being the emergence of ethical issues in healthcare advances
4) Medical as relating to the science or practise of medicine
5) Pharmaceutical as relating to medicinal drugs' preparations and sales
6) Clinical as relating to the study of patients rather than laboratory studies
7) Doctor as a practitioner, surgeon, anaesthesiologist, specialist, intern or other medical staff in healthcare
i. Private healthcare companies' buildings must be assigned sanitation and cleaning teams to appropriately sterilise or clean all rooms and toilets to a thorough extent every 3 days maximum.
ii. Doctors must have appropriate qualifications, and must undergo any type of medicinal or clinical training, as well as being an intern for at least 7 months.
iii. Doctors have the right to decide not to work past a shift of 8 hours, per standard bioethics.
iv. Pharmacies must have at least 1 responsible pharmacist, who takes responsibility for poisoning, injury or death while either incorrectly preparing the product or assigning the product to an incorrect patient
v. Clinicians and general practitioners cannot be held responsible for injury or death to a patient after admitting them to a specialist
vi. Medicines have to be checked with governments in case they are:
a) Illegal in the country
b) Untaxed
c) Declared dangerous
Hereby sets these standards for Private healthcare in case of improper governmental administration of Private healthcare companies.


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