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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: sunrosa_1585680038
Created: 2020-03-31 14:40

Category: Environmental
Option: All Businesses - Strong
Author: sunrosa

A resolution to revive the World Assembly Environmental Council to effectively increase the quality of the world’s environment.
ACKNOWLEDGING that the previous World Assembly Environmental Council (World Assembly Resolution #42) was repealed (World Assembly Resolution #152) on the grounds “that the shortcomings of this resolution far exceed the potential benefits”.
NOTING that World Assembly Resolution #152 “APPLAUDS the intentions of WA Environmental Council, and recognizes the benefits of environmental protection”
RECOGNIZING that there remains a vital importance of ensuring a proper balance between industrial advancement of the world and environmental sustainability.
REALIZING that the long-term prosperity and economic development of the world relies, to an extent, upon the availability of natural resources and suitable environmental conditions.
PROPOUNDING that the World Assembly is the only governing body capable of protecting the environment and its resources on a worldwide scale, and has a responsibility to do so as an aid to the international community.
SECTION 1: Reviving the ‘World Assembly Environmental Council’
The World Assembly hereby revives the World Assembly Environmental Council (WAEC) as a neutral organisation for the benefit of the environment and our continued existence within it.
SECTION 2-The Aims and Activities of the WAEC
a) The WAEC shall conduct research to identify and resolve environmental problems including but not limited to: climate change, pollution, depletion of natural resources, and natural disasters.
Member nations are required to assist the WAEC by allowing the council to conduct relevant environmental research within their countries, with the aid of scientists and secondary data from that country.
The WAEC may produce resolutions for environmental issues identified, independently, after considering the advice and suggestions of exports in the relevant field of study. Member nations are required to comply with all such resolutions provided by the WAEC.
b) The WAEC shall publish records of all its environmental research data and make them public for member nations in an effort to brace them for future environmental challenges or to suggest sustainable methods of development.
c) The WAEC has the authority to monitor the environment of international territory in addition to the environments of World Assembly members. All surveys and studies shall be carried out legally in accordance with international law.
SECTION 3: Legal Authority
The resolutions passed by the WAEC must be abided by all member nations of the World Assembly. If a nation fails to comply with such resolutions, they may be penalized appropriately, through fines, restrictions on trade, or removal from the World Assembly.
The WAEC reserves the right to declare an ‘environmental emergency’ where credible primary research suggests that pollution levels, the rate at which natural resources are being depleted, or the intensity of climate change is rising at an alarming pace.

SECTION 4: Funding of the WAEC
Funding for the WAEC shall come directly from the World Assembly; it may receive additional funding from the member and non-member nations on a donation basis.


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