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Same Rights for Men and Women

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: the_basque_syndicalist_union_1584031811
Created: 2020-03-12 12:50

Category: Civil Rights
Option: Significant
Author: the_basque_syndicalist_union

World Assembly;
As you know, this Sunday 8th of March hace been lots of protests around the world, demanding more rights for women and right equality, so, The Basque Syndicalist Union wants this to happen, because, after all, it does not matter wich is your gender, we are humans.
This proposal wants to:
-Guarantee that countries have the dame rights for women and men. So if the resolution is aproved, every nation will be obliged to have the same rights for men and women.
-Equalize the minimum wage in ALL countries, for example, if a man earns the minimum wage, in this case, of 10,000 dollars, and a woman 5,000 dollars. After the approval of this resolution, both of them Will earn 10,000 dollars.
-Punish every violent sexist action. So the numbers of murders of women because their gender will decrease.


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