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Eradication of Illegal Possession of Arms

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: the_david_kingdom_1585600128
Created: 2020-03-30 16:28

Category: International Security
Option: Strong
Author: the_david_kingdom

The General Assembly;
Notes that there has been an increase in the illegal possession of arms such as pistols, shotguns and others.
Also notes that the rising numbers have led to a great decline in the state of international security.
Keeps in mind that the lives of the people are in our hands and we must ensure that our people are well protected.
Reminded that the safety of our nations should be part of our top priorities.
Resolves to:
1. Ensure that nations to put a halt in the issuing of gun licences.
2. Establish a Global Security and Intelligence Department for the monitoring and reporting of possession of illegal arms.


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