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Chamber: General Assembly
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Created: 2020-03-11 13:52

Category: Environmental
Option: All Businesses - Mild
Author: unified_sovereignty_of_america

The World Assembly
Recognizing the Need for Improvement in Assistance of Environment preservation and improvement in economic countries who's leaders disregard their environment
Having Considered that the environment may negatively affect a country's economy.
Highlighting the importance of environment and nature is required to having happy and healthy citizens.
Guided by recommendations from other states who stress the same issues stated in this proposal.
To enforce this rule, a committee will be formed that will:
1. Recommends that the committee's best actions in the case of an issue that is in pro of the environment, while still in favor of the nation's economy.
2. Recommends that the committee will reach out to countries in disregard of the environment.


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