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The LGBT Equality Act

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Chamber: General Assembly
NS id: untied_capitalist_republic_1584811811
Created: 2020-03-21 13:30

Category: Civil Rights
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Author: untied_capitalist_republic

Dear WA member nations,
I am writing this act to give members of the LGBT community the rights they deserve. This is why I am proposing "The LGBT Equality Act"
This act:
1:Gives same sex couples the right to adopt a child
2: Completely legalizes same sex marriage
3: Makes it completely legal for people to be transgender.
If a corporation discriminates against a member of the LGBT community, 5% of the corporation's profit goes to the victim and another 10% is payed in fines for 10 years.
If a citizen physically attacks a member of the LGBT community because of their sexual orientation or because they are transgender, they will go to jail and be banned from working for the government once they are released from jail.


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