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The following is a list of proposals in October 2021 kept by the World Assembly office.

Date Chamber Title Category Author
2021-10-31 SC Liberate Poqilet Liberation vicotis_kor
2021-10-31 GA Repeal "Access to Effective Medications" Repeal derender
2021-10-31 GA Paid Leave Act Regulation minskiev
2021-10-31 SC Condemn Kuramia Condemnation thaumania
2021-10-30 GA Resolution to provide free basic healthcare Health urdunistan
2021-10-30 GA More Homeless Shelters Civil Rights western_isles_of_denmark
2021-10-29 GA Repeal "Epidemic Response Act" Repeal poltranat
2021-10-29 GA Protection of the environment bill Environmental poltranat
2021-10-29 SC Commend The New Bermuda Commendation new_cayman_islands
2021-10-28 SC Declaration on fools Declaration republic_of_ludwigsburg
2021-10-28 GA RISE OF THE COMMUNISM ERA Moral Decency soviet_socialist_society
2021-10-28 GA Industrial Development Act Advancement of Industry vicim
2021-10-28 SC Repeal "Condemn Wickedly evil people" Repeal demonic_land
2021-10-28 GA Homes and food for poor people Civil Rights the_long_yeets
2021-10-27 GA act of europa-valaria Furtherment of Democracy varila
2021-10-27 GA Fire corrupted people and inprison evil ones International Security the_long_yeets
2021-10-27 SC Commend Cassadaigua Commendation tinhampton
2021-10-27 GA Stop the evil drug laws Free Trade hovstistan
2021-10-27 SC Liberate Europa Liberation varila
2021-10-27 SC the varila accords Declaration varila
2021-10-26 SC Condemn Grays Harbor Condemnation derender
2021-10-26 SC Liberate South Pacific Liberation varila
2021-10-26 GA Homelessness Mitigation and Protections Act Social Justice xernon
2021-10-26 SC On Legged and Legless Lizards Declaration apatosaurus
2021-10-26 SC Declaration on Speccy Bams Declaration eriadni
2021-10-25 GA Repeal "Rights and Duties of WA States" Repeal the_britanic
2021-10-24 GA The No More Drugs Act Health greater_alphadonia
2021-10-24 SC Declaration on the importance of democracy Declaration cerdenia
2021-10-24 GA limit Military budget to 100 billion dollars or less Civil Rights salington
2021-10-24 GA Housing safety act Regulation the_grand_union_kingdom
2021-10-23 GA Refugee Passage Act Civil Rights republic_of_sernia
2021-10-23 GA Fair pay act Moral Decency the_grand_union_kingdom
2021-10-23 GA Domestic Mobility Rights Civil Rights deftern
2021-10-23 GA Armed forces Consolidation International Security republic_of_sernia
2021-10-22 GA Nuclear Arms Manufacturing and Acquisition Limits Global Disarmament the_david_kingdom
2021-10-22 GA Repeal "The Prisoners of War Accord" Repeal socialisticae_concilium_respublicae
2021-10-22 SC Commend Nephara Commendation tinhampton
2021-10-22 GA Repeal "Omnibus Due Process Act" Repeal lebron0
2021-10-21 GA Military budget reduction Global Disarmament nestainia
2021-10-21 GA Access to Effective Medications Health xanthorrhoea
2021-10-21 SC Commend Thaecia Commendation new_ikesandria
2021-10-21 GA health versus pornography Moral Decency asturgien
2021-10-20 GA Repeal "Drug Decriminalization Act" Repeal dyetsk
2021-10-20 GA Repeal "Protected Working Leave" Repeal minskiev
2021-10-20 GA Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act" Repeal barddadonia
2021-10-20 GA Democratic Hangings Act Moral Decency gabingston
2021-10-20 GA The creation of the international aid society Health usiyera
2021-10-20 GA The creation Of the international Aid society Health usiyera
2021-10-20 GA Protect women's rights Social Justice huago
2021-10-20 GA Homelessness Mitigation and Protections Act Social Justice xernon
2021-10-19 GA Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act" Repeal barddadonia
2021-10-19 SC Repeal "Declaration on Crabs of the Apocalypse" Repeal huzzahs
2021-10-19 SC Commend Joe Bobs Commendation apatosaurus
2021-10-19 GA free Education and education reform act Education and Creativity the_scarborough_administration
2021-10-19 GA Repeal "Omnibus Due Process Act" Repeal antrun
2021-10-19 GA Condemn Ayroleria Social Justice mangaland
2021-10-19 GA Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act" Repeal barddadonia
2021-10-19 GA Repeal "Restrictions on Child Labor" Repeal penguinstania
2021-10-18 GA Free University Education and Creativity derender
2021-10-18 GA Free University Education and Creativity derender
2021-10-17 SC Commend Great Algerstonia Commendation great_algerstonia
2021-10-17 SC Free University Declaration derender
2021-10-17 GA Anti overfishing Environmental the_overlords_men
2021-10-16 SC to have kids in the Army Declaration united_states_of_fyn
2021-10-16 SC Commend Libertanny Commendation aivintis
2021-10-16 GA prohibition of legalizing illegal drugs Regulation malitistan
2021-10-16 GA Protecting youth generation Education and Creativity malitistan
2021-10-15 GA Airplane emissions act Environmental for_the_worlds_of_the_midrim
2021-10-15 GA Repeal "World Assembly Headquarters" Repeal kavagrad
2021-10-15 SC Condemn The Wyoming Order Condemnation the_texas_constantium
2021-10-14 SC Condemn Sierra Lyricalia Condemnation asturgien
2021-10-14 SC Commend Sierra Lyricalia Commendation asturgien
2021-10-14 GA health versus pornography Health asturgien
2021-10-13 GA Anti - Pollution Act Environmental dungtoper
2021-10-13 GA Repeal "Death Penalty Ban" Repeal dungtoper
2021-10-13 GA Repeal "Death Penalty Ban" Repeal dungtoper
2021-10-13 GA open market to increase our economys Free Trade second_kitary
2021-10-13 GA Repeal "Clean Prostitute Act" Repeal poop_utopia
2021-10-13 GA Better School Funding Act Education and Creativity dungtoper
2021-10-13 GA improve civil rights with social justice Civil Rights united_astor_navern
2021-10-12 GA Protest Permit act Political Stability vul_handa
2021-10-12 GA Omnibus Due Process Act Civil Rights imperium_anglorum
2021-10-12 GA Repeal "Clean Prostitute Act" Repeal poop_utopia
2021-10-12 GA Taxes On Trades Free Trade dungtoper
2021-10-12 GA The trillion Tree Act Environmental julio_empire
2021-10-12 SC Condemn Wickedly evil people Condemnation giovanniland
2021-10-12 GA Free Speech Act I Civil Rights dungtoper
2021-10-12 GA Rights of territorial sovereignty Political Stability oldaynia
2021-10-12 GA Agriculture Act I Environmental dungtoper
2021-10-11 GA Welfare Act Social Justice derender
2021-10-11 SC Repeal "Declaration on Crabs of the Apocalypse" Repeal derender
2021-10-10 GA The Free Space Act International Security venmere
2021-10-10 GA Repeal "Promotion of Clean Energy" Repeal imperium_anglorum
2021-10-10 SC Repeal "Declaration on Hippopotamuses" Repeal valenin
2021-10-09 GA Repeal "Military Death Penalty Ban" Repeal starshinia
2021-10-08 GA Repeal "Restrictions on Child Labor" Repeal athenadom
2021-10-08 GA Repeal Capitalist Europe Political Stability zeronag
2021-10-08 GA Repeal "Transgender Self-Determination" Repeal slavikoza
2021-10-08 SC Condemn Dalimbar Condemnation giovanniland
2021-10-08 GA Repeal "Transgender Self-Determination" Repeal terza_posizion_di_andorra
2021-10-08 GA Declaration of Global Demilitarization Global Disarmament oldaynia
2021-10-07 GA Repeal "Transgender Self-Determination" Repeal jjustice
2021-10-06 GA Repealing the Patient's Rights Act Health mountainegro
2021-10-06 GA Carbon Tax Environmental marganza
2021-10-06 GA To reduce the pollution Environmental japanblox
2021-10-05 GA Industry should Have more freedom Advancement of Industry manufacturer_state
2021-10-05 GA Repeal "Transgender Self-Determination" Repeal venmere
2021-10-05 GA the police accountability and anti violence act Regulation valieon
2021-10-05 SC Commend Pallaith Commendation hulldom
2021-10-05 GA Repeal "Transgender Self-Determination" Repeal norvew
2021-10-04 SC Assertion Of Mission Statement Declaration abacathea
2021-10-04 SC Condemn Devide by Zero Condemnation banaria
2021-10-04 GA the free and fair election act Furtherment of Democracy crilland
2021-10-04 SC Declaration on Crabs of the Apocalypse Declaration concrete_slab
2021-10-03 GA Law justice and freedom for all is a civil right Civil Rights britaniastan
2021-10-03 GA Farmers Empowerment and Protection Environmental srvy
2021-10-02 GA Establishment Of The International Court Of Justice Regulation danmarkiska
2021-10-02 GA World Assembly Enforcement Secretariat Act Regulation tazann
2021-10-02 GA Preventing Hacking International Security marchas
2021-10-01 GA Information Safeguards Act Civil Rights union_of_socialist_worker_councils
2021-10-01 SC Declaration of recognition of the Republic Declaration leskio
2021-10-01 GA Declaration of a Nuclear Free World Environmental the_united_seven_netherlands
2021-10-01 GA Human rights Civil Rights japanblox
2021-10-01 GA disarmament from weapons of mass destruction Global Disarmament japanblox
2021-10-01 GA Anti-racism act 2021 Civil Rights leskio