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The following is a list of proposals in January 2022 kept by the World Assembly office.

Date Chamber Title Category Author
2022-01-31 GA Repeal "Access to Life-Ending Services" Repeal the_united_states_of_sicly
2022-01-31 GA Forced Labour Restrictions Civil Rights deftern
2022-01-31 GA Legalize Private Industry Act Advancement of Industry anterriaa
2022-01-31 GA Repeal "Access to Life-Ending Services" Repeal republic_of_boxton
2022-01-31 GA Repeal "Protection of Airspace" Repeal greater_cesnica
2022-01-31 SC Commend Kyorgia Commendation minskiev
2022-01-31 GA Active Reduction of Space Debris Environmental minskiev
2022-01-31 GA Repeal "Access to Life-Ending Services" Repeal minskiev
2022-01-31 GA Repeal "End Conversion Therapy" Repeal wa_clante
2022-01-30 GA Democracy for all Furtherment of Democracy the_united_states_of_sicly
2022-01-30 SC Repeal "Condemn Jakker" Repeal dakota
2022-01-30 GA Repeal "On Scientific Cooperation" Repeal hulldom
2022-01-30 GA Repeal "LEO Force Restrictions" Repeal kyievska_rus
2022-01-30 GA taxes Regulation kiwessistan
2022-01-30 SC Commend Spiritus Commendation democratic_discordia
2022-01-30 SC Repeal "Commend Karputsk" Repeal ingenuus
2022-01-30 GA Ban on Production, Sale, and Consumption of Dog Meat Environmental san_dimas_dog_park
2022-01-29 SC Condemn The Communist Nations of The World Condemnation freirreich
2022-01-29 SC Repeal "Commend Karputsk" Repeal lades
2022-01-29 GA returnees and refugee reception Civil Rights formiga
2022-01-29 GA Forced Labour Restrictions Civil Rights deftern
2022-01-29 GA Electrical cars to replace fuel ran cars Environmental stedolosk
2022-01-28 GA National Economic Freedoms Free Trade anterriaa
2022-01-28 SC Condemn Shaenus Condemnation anterriaa
2022-01-28 GA Legalize LSD Act Civil Rights the_greenwich_village
2022-01-28 GA Increase Population Act Health anterriaa
2022-01-28 GA Forced Labour Restrictions Civil Rights deftern
2022-01-26 GA Nuclear Waste Act Regulation tajijstan
2022-01-26 GA Access to Life-Ending Services Health apatosaurus_ii
2022-01-26 SC Repeal "Commend Sacara" Repeal serionica
2022-01-26 SC Condemn New Blackhaven Condemnation the_republic_of_dansen
2022-01-26 SC Commend Czechostan Commendation arstotskiano
2022-01-26 GA Act of Anti-Cannibalism Civil Rights the_aquaria
2022-01-25 GA Fascism should be normalized in this community Furtherment of Democracy natotal_sverige
2022-01-25 GA The Abortion Act Health rednaniana
2022-01-25 GA international protocol for natural disasters International Security carlmarol
2022-01-25 GA no fighting unprovoked International Security the_ossowski_kingdom
2022-01-25 SC Condemn New Blackhaven Condemnation farezadia
2022-01-25 GA Make Democracy great Again Furtherment of Democracy farezadia
2022-01-24 GA Public domain Act Education and Creativity oateria
2022-01-24 SC Commend Karputsk Commendation dacay
2022-01-23 SC Condemn Ellinika Nisia Condemnation toonga
2022-01-23 SC Condemn GreaterLeafland Condemnation greaterleafland
2022-01-22 GA The Dissolvement of Fascism Furtherment of Democracy waterslandia_the_great
2022-01-22 GA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards Environmental fla_lord
2022-01-22 SC of War Declaration refuge_isle
2022-01-22 GA Accept My Rule Bending Pls Education and Creativity greaterleafland
2022-01-21 GA Repeal "Museums of Musical Heritage" Repeal fla_lord
2022-01-21 SC Commend St Scarlett Commendation al_capone_empire
2022-01-20 GA Ban Nuclear Weapons Treaty Global Disarmament operve
2022-01-20 GA Repeal "Death Penalty Ban" Repeal big_bad_car
2022-01-20 GA Public Transportation Act Regulation the_power_gulids_tpg_thanks_kishoshifste
2022-01-20 SC Declaration Against chinese attacks Declaration begolia
2022-01-19 GA Repeal "Assisted Suicide Act" Repeal imperium_anglorum
2022-01-19 GA Repeal "Military Death Penalty Ban" Repeal big_bad_car
2022-01-19 GA The Obliteration of Communism act Furtherment of Democracy waterslandia_the_great
2022-01-19 GA Repeal "Epidemic Investigation Act" Repeal tinhampton
2022-01-19 SC Liberate A Liberal Haven Liberation the_power_gulids_tpg_thanks_kishoshifste
2022-01-19 GA Nuclear Retaliation Act Political Stability the_new_philippine_island
2022-01-18 GA The Peaceful Spreading Of Christianity Moral Decency waterslandia_the_great
2022-01-18 GA The Consumer Protection Act Regulation the_power_gulids_tpg_thanks_kishoshifste
2022-01-18 SC Condemn Got the munchies real bad man Condemnation the_power_gulids_tpg_thanks_kishoshifste
2022-01-18 SC Liberate The Crab Port Liberation the_power_gulids_tpg_thanks_kishoshifste
2022-01-18 GA Repeal "Rights and Duties of WA States" Repeal gran-cesar
2022-01-18 GA Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act" Repeal holy_federacion
2022-01-18 GA Allowance to rescind Controversial legislation Furtherment of Democracy spacepenguinland
2022-01-17 GA The Peaceful Spread of Christianity Regulation waterslandia_the_great
2022-01-17 GA PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION CIRCULATION Regulation vinicius_franco
2022-01-17 SC crime reduction Declaration anutia
2022-01-17 GA Repeal "LEO Force Restrictions" Repeal vinicius_franco
2022-01-17 GA Transportes coletivos Regulation vinicius_franco
2022-01-17 GA Repeal "LEO Force Restrictions" Repeal old_hope
2022-01-17 SC Retorno do Judiciario Declaration vinicius_franco
2022-01-16 GA Repeal "Restrictions on Child Labor" Repeal vinicius_franco
2022-01-16 GA Repeal "Drug Decriminalization Act" Repeal saint_abowhandsis
2022-01-16 GA Civil, human rights Civil Rights holy_federacion
2022-01-16 SC Commend The Lair of Troll Commendation fistaltionful
2022-01-16 GA Repeal "LEO Force Restrictions" Repeal develevia
2022-01-15 SC Commend Sacara Commendation tinhampton
2022-01-15 SC Condemn The Black Hawks Condemnation romanic_imperium
2022-01-15 SC All Nations Get A thriving economy Declaration yyyyyyyyy
2022-01-15 GA Regarding the Stupidity Of the world assemby Civil Rights sartell_koltis
2022-01-15 SC Upgrade Military From All Nations Declaration new_franshire
2022-01-14 GA Repeal "Restrictions on Child Labor" Repeal yonderlo
2022-01-14 GA Turn all gasoline cars into electric ones Environmental novo_zap
2022-01-13 GA Repeal "LEO Force Restrictions" Repeal kalldunn
2022-01-13 SC Liberate Union of Ever Socialist Republics Liberation onionist_randosia
2022-01-13 GA Paid Leave Act II Regulation minskiev
2022-01-13 SC Declaration on China Declaration tinhampton
2022-01-12 GA Proposal for protection of civil rights Civil Rights western_jutland
2022-01-11 GA Repeal "Disaster Precautions And Responses" Repeal the_republic_of_dansen
2022-01-11 GA Repeal "LEO Force Restrictions" Repeal ameridi
2022-01-11 GA Repeal "Humanitarian Transport" Repeal joshualania
2022-01-11 SC Condemn Graet Condemnation hellburnenstein
2022-01-11 GA Repeal "LEO Force Restrictions" Repeal terra_viva
2022-01-11 GA Repeal "LEO Force Restrictions" Repeal gabingston
2022-01-10 SC Commend One Small Island Commendation noble_titans
2022-01-10 GA Global force limit Global Disarmament the_republic_of_dansen
2022-01-10 GA Repeal "Safety and Integrity in Conflict Journalism" Repeal apatosaurus
2022-01-08 GA Mitigating Animal Population Fragmentation Environmental untecna
2022-01-07 GA Anti-Inflammatory Act Health bashivk
2022-01-06 SC Commend Ecclestia Commendation the_thaindom_of_the_shire
2022-01-04 GA The Drug Awareness and Treatment act Health greater_alphadonia
2022-01-04 GA The Drug Awareness and Treatment Act Health greater_alphadonia
2022-01-04 GA Child Emergency Care Act Health the_balreskan_union
2022-01-03 SC Commend One Small Island Commendation noble_titans
2022-01-03 SC Commend The Order of the Grey Wardens Commendation savantoj
2022-01-02 SC Liberate A Liberal Haven Liberation emodea
2022-01-02 GA Mental Health Act Health oliverary
2022-01-02 GA Civil Rights of Prostitute Act Civil Rights the_swie_taz_nepreandavi
2022-01-02 GA Health Care Mandate! Health hypearonia
2022-01-02 SC declaration of civil rights and Humane decency! Declaration hypearonia
2022-01-01 SC Condemn Intruders Condemnation lulunia
2022-01-01 GA Global Statute of Children and Adolescents Civil Rights pedriuni
2022-01-01 GA WA Peace Prize Civil Rights pedriuni
2022-01-01 GA international zero-crime International Security lionell