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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author Result*
2014-12-30 GA Nuclear Arms Protocol PASS
2014-12-22 SC Commend Pauline Bonaparte FAIL
2014-12-12 SC Condemn Vandoosa Dreiundzwanzig FAIL
2014-11-24 GA Foreign Patent Recognition PASS
2014-11-20 GA Anti-counterfeiting Pact PASS
2014-11-18 SC Repeal "Commend Luna Amore" PASS
2014-11-14 SC Condemn General Halcones PASS
2014-11-10 SC Condemn Lazarus FAIL
2014-11-06 SC Liberate the Mountains To the East PASS
2014-11-02 SC Repeal "Liberate Liberal Haven" PASS
2014-10-27 SC Repeal "Liberate the International Communist Union" PASS
2014-10-23 SC Repeal "Commend Hobbesistan" PASS
2014-10-18 SC Condemn Vandoosa PASS
2014-10-16 GA Rules of Surrender PASS
2014-10-14 SC Repeal "Condemn North Korea" PASS
2014-10-10 GA Repeal "the General Patent Charter" PASS
2014-10-10 SC Repeal "Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II" FAIL

* Result is based on the last vote entry in the database, which is usually 50 minutes before the actual end of voting. It is not necessarily accurate. Imputation of whether something is at vote can also fail if NationStates update is accidentally delayed. Results also do not reflect whether something is in fact discarded.