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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author Result*
2016-12-20 GA Repeal "Securing Nuclear Materials From Dastardly Menaces" Wallenburg PASS
2016-12-16 GA Repeal "Right of Emigration" FAIL
2016-12-16 SC Condemn the Cain FAIL
2016-12-12 GA Securing Nuclear Materials From Dastardly Menaces Imperium Anglorum PASS
2016-12-08 GA Compliance Commission Imperium Anglorum PASS
2016-12-06 SC Liberate Kingdom of Ireland PASS
2016-12-01 SC Repeal "Liberate Eternal Scholars" FAIL
2016-11-28 GA Rights of the Quarantined PASS
2016-11-27 SC Repeal "Liberate Singapore" PASS
2016-11-23 GA Foreign Patent Act Wallenburg PASS
2016-11-16 GA Wa Peacekeeping Charter FAIL
2016-11-15 SC Liberate United Defenders League FAIL
2016-11-11 SC Commend Benevolent Thomas FAIL
2016-11-07 GA National Control of Elections FAIL
2016-11-05 SC Liberate Singapore FAIL
2016-11-03 GA Repeal "Quarantine Regulation" PASS
2016-11-01 SC Liberate Singapore PASS
2016-10-28 SC Repeal "Liberate the Nsia" PASS
2016-10-24 SC Condemn the Invaders FAIL
2016-10-20 GA Reducing Statelessness Imperium Anglorum PASS
2016-10-19 SC Condemn the Invaders FAIL
2016-10-15 SC Liberate the Nsia PASS
2016-10-09 SC Liberate Social Liberal Union FAIL
2016-10-04 GA Nuclear Weapons Accord FAIL
2016-09-19 SC Commend Benevolent Thomas FAIL
2016-09-15 SC Liberate Dank Memes PASS
2016-08-30 GA Quarantine Regulation PASS
2016-08-21 SC Commend Lone Wolves United FAIL
2016-08-20 GA Repeal "Foreign Patent Recognition" PASS
2016-08-12 GA Against Suicide Seeds FAIL
2016-08-11 SC Condemn Gregoryisgodistan FAIL
2016-08-07 SC Repeal "Liberate the Place That Has No Big Banks" PASS
2016-08-06 GA Environmental Warfare Act PASS
2016-08-02 GA Mercantile Prizes of War FAIL
2016-07-27 SC Liberate Eternal Scholars PASS
2016-07-24 GA Repeal "Humanitarian Aid Expansion Act" PASS
2016-07-20 GA Protection of Partially Born FAIL
2016-07-19 SC Repeal "Liberate Utopia" FAIL
2016-07-16 GA Humanitarian Aid Expansion Act PASS
2016-07-13 SC Liberate California FAIL
2016-07-09 SC Liberate the Place That Has No Big Banks PASS
2016-07-07 GA Repeal "Nuclear Arms Protocol" PASS
2016-06-30 GA Digital Network Defense PASS
2016-06-14 GA Pesticide Regulations PASS
2016-06-12 SC Condemn Macedonia FAIL
2016-06-08 SC Repeal "Liberate the Arab League" PASS
2016-06-06 GA Repeal "Preventing Animal Abuse" PASS
2016-06-03 SC Repeal "Liberate Alliance Against Nazis" PASS
2016-06-01 GA Crime And Punishment PASS
2016-05-28 GA The Rule of Law PASS
2016-05-27 SC Liberate the Arab League PASS
2016-05-24 GA Repeal "Convention On Execution" PASS
2016-05-23 SC Commend Hell PASS
2016-05-20 GA Preventing Animal Abuse PASS
2016-05-16 GA Toxic Heavy Metals Act PASS
2016-05-08 GA Repeal "Stopping Invasive Species" PASS
2016-05-04 GA Reproductive Education Act PASS
2016-05-03 SC Repeal "Condemn the Pacific" PASS
2016-04-30 GA Repeal "Law Enforcement Education" PASS
2016-04-26 GA Repeal "Preservation of Artefacts" PASS
2016-04-26 SC Commend Vancouvia FAIL
2016-04-22 GA Responsible Arms Transfers FAIL
2016-04-18 GA Repeal "Stopping Suicide Seeds" PASS
2016-04-16 SC Commend Dyr Nasad PASS
2016-04-14 GA Nuclear Security Protocol FAIL
2016-04-12 SC Commend Nova Hansa FAIL
2016-04-10 GA Law Enforcement Education PASS
2016-04-08 SC Condemn Thomas Branson III FAIL
2016-04-06 GA Repeal "Cyber Security Convention" PASS
2016-04-04 SC Condemn Caelapes FAIL
2016-04-02 GA Repeal "Rights And Duties of Wa States" FAIL
2016-03-31 SC Liberate Alliance Against Nazis PASS
2016-03-29 GA Preservation of Artefacts PASS
2016-03-25 GA Repeal "Sexual Health And Education Act" PASS
2016-03-23 SC Commend Separatist Peoples PASS
2016-03-17 GA Cyber Security Convention PASS
2016-03-13 SC Repeal "Condemn Vandoosa" FAIL
2016-03-12 GA Sexual Health And Education Act PASS
2016-02-18 GA Cluster Munitions Accord FAIL
2016-02-16 SC Repeal "Condemn Stujenske" FAIL
2016-02-14 GA Repeal "Nuclear Waste Safety Act" FAIL
2016-02-05 GA Explosive Remnants of War PASS
2016-02-01 GA Promotion of Clean Energy PASS
2016-01-28 GA Right To Sexual Privacy PASS
2016-01-22 SC Repeal "Condemn Den" PASS
2016-01-21 GA Landmine Safety Protocol PASS
2016-01-18 SC Commend Bearnation FAIL
2016-01-14 SC Commend Nation of Quebec PASS
2016-01-12 GA Ban On Booby-trapped Aid PASS
2016-01-12 SC Condemn the Royal Lagrangian FAIL
2016-01-05 GA Rights of Sapient Species PASS

* Result is based on the last vote entry in the database, which is usually 50 minutes before the actual end of voting. It is not necessarily accurate. Imputation of whether something is at vote can also fail if NationStates update is accidentally delayed. Results also do not reflect whether something is in fact discarded.