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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author Result*
2017-12-29 SC Commend Tsunamy PASS
2017-12-22 SC Repeal "Liberate Dank Memes" PASS
2017-12-09 GA Safeguarding Nuclear Materials PASS
2017-12-04 SC Commend Northern Redlands FAIL
2017-12-02 GA Repeal "Restrictions On Hydraulic Fracturing" FAIL
2017-11-29 SC Repeal "Condemn the Black Hawks" FAIL
2017-11-25 GA Restrictions On Hydraulic Fracturing PASS
2017-11-21 GA Ban On Ritual Sacrifice PASS
2017-11-21 SC Commend the Macabees PASS
2017-11-15 GA Repeal "Freedom To Seek Medical Care" PASS
2017-11-12 SC Commend Ransium PASS
2017-11-10 GA Freedom To Seek Medical Care PASS
2017-11-05 GA Wetland Protection Protocol PASS
2017-11-03 SC Commend Candlewhisper Archive PASS
2017-10-30 GA Marriage Blocker FAIL
2017-10-26 GA Public Health And Vaccinations Act PASS
2017-10-22 GA Convention On Domestic Partnerships FAIL
2017-10-18 SC Commend Europeia PASS
2017-10-17 GA Repeal "Marriage Equality" PASS
2017-10-13 GA Freedom of Language Act FAIL
2017-10-10 SC Commend Zwangzug PASS
2017-10-09 GA Marriage Equality PASS
2017-10-05 GA Ocean Noise Reduction PASS
2017-09-29 SC Repeal "Condemn the Black Riders" PASS
2017-09-28 GA Ban On Secret Treaties PASS
2017-09-20 GA Freedom To Seek Care PASS
2017-09-13 SC Repeal "Commend Texas" PASS
2017-09-12 GA Convention On Internet Neutrality PASS
2017-09-09 SC Repeal "Condemn Kknight" PASS
2017-09-08 GA Repeal "Prevention of Torture" FAIL
2017-09-05 SC Commend Wopruthien PASS
2017-09-04 GA Freedom of Religion FAIL
2017-09-01 SC Commend August PASS
2017-08-31 GA National Sovereignty Act FAIL
2017-08-28 SC Commend Gay FAIL
2017-08-27 GA Emergency Healthcare For International Travelers FAIL
2017-08-24 SC Repeal "Condemn General Halcones" PASS
2017-08-23 GA Against Political Discrimination FAIL
2017-08-19 SC Repeal "Condemn Gest" PASS
2017-08-17 GA Repeal "Internet Neutrality Act" PASS
2017-08-15 SC Condemn Reventus Koth PASS
2017-08-11 GA Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms" FAIL
2017-08-02 GA Repeal "Enabling the Disabled In Academia" PASS
2017-08-02 SC Commend Christian Democrats FAIL
2017-07-29 GA Limitations On Banishment FAIL
2017-07-25 GA Extrajudicial Punishment Ban FAIL
2017-07-21 GA Enabling the Disabled In Academia PASS
2017-07-03 SC Condemn Wrektopia FAIL
2017-06-24 GA Trade of Endangered Organisms PASS
2017-06-18 GA Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms" FAIL
2017-06-12 SC Commend Drasnia PASS
2017-06-08 GA Repeal "Rights And Duties of Wa States" FAIL
2017-06-06 SC Repeal "Liberate Dank Memes" FAIL
2017-06-02 GA Repeal "Stock Exchanges And Foreign Investment" FAIL
2017-05-26 GA Choice In Education FAIL
2017-05-22 GA Regulation of Tobacco Advertising FAIL
2017-05-17 GA Regulation of Tobacco FAIL
2017-05-16 SC Condemn the Order of the Grey Wardens FAIL
2017-05-13 GA Repeal "World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact" PASS
2017-05-12 SC Commend Imperium Anglorum PASS
2017-05-09 GA Stock Exchanges And Foreign Investment PASS
2017-05-08 SC Repeal "Condemn Canterlot" PASS
2017-05-05 GA World Assembly Central Medicinal Database Compact PASS
2017-05-04 SC Commend Yggdrasil PASS
2017-05-01 GA Repeal "Pesticide Regulations" PASS
2017-04-30 SC Condemn Canterlot PASS
2017-04-21 SC Commend the Rejected Realms FAIL
2017-04-12 GA Responsibility In Transferring Arms PASS
2017-04-08 SC Commend Forest PASS
2017-04-03 GA Internet Neutrality Act PASS
2017-03-22 GA World Assembly Central Library Compact PASS
2017-03-18 GA Repeal "Open Internet Order" PASS
2017-03-16 SC Commend the North Pacific FAIL
2017-03-12 SC Liberate Femdom Empire FAIL
2017-03-11 GA Open Internet Order PASS
2017-03-07 GA International Patent Agreement PASS
2017-03-05 SC Liberate Illuminati FAIL
2017-03-01 SC Liberate South Pacific PASS
2017-02-28 GA Foreign Patent Protection Act FAIL
2017-02-25 SC Condemn the Black Hawks PASS
2017-02-23 GA Repeal "Foreign Patent Act" PASS
2017-02-21 SC Repeal "Liberate the Arab League" PASS
2017-02-09 SC Repeal "Liberate Eternal Scholars" PASS
2017-02-05 SC Condemn Elite Region of Global Command FAIL
2017-02-01 SC Liberate the Bee Land FAIL
2017-01-28 SC Condemn the Cain FAIL
2017-01-24 SC Commend Renaissancistic People PASS
2017-01-18 SC Condemn Anarchestan FAIL
2017-01-14 SC Liberate Antalia FAIL
2017-01-10 SC Liberate the Arab League PASS
2017-01-09 GA Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act" FAIL
2017-01-05 SC Repeal "Liberate Kingdom of Ireland" PASS
2017-01-04 GA Protection of Nuclear Armaments FAIL

* Result is based on the last vote entry in the database, which is usually 50 minutes before the actual end of voting. It is not necessarily accurate. Imputation of whether something is at vote can also fail if NationStates update is accidentally delayed. Results also do not reflect whether something is in fact discarded.