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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author Result*
2018-12-28 SC Repeal "Commend Solorni" Yokiria PASS
2018-12-24 GA Intersystem Space Stations Programme Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar FAIL
2018-12-22 SC Condemn United World Order The Macabees PASS
2018-12-20 GA Repeal "Preventing the Execution of Innocents" Auralia FAIL
2018-12-18 SC Repeal "Condemn Macedon" Concrete Slab PASS
2018-12-09 SC Commend Bachtendekuppen PASS
2018-12-05 SC Condemn Macedon PASS
2018-12-01 SC Condemn the Pacific PASS
2018-11-27 GA Repeal "On Universal Jurisdiction" Imperium Anglorum PASS
2018-11-27 SC Repeal "Liberate the East Pacific" PASS
2018-11-23 GA International Aero-space Administration Separatist Peoples PASS
2018-11-23 SC Commend the Church of Satan FAIL
2018-11-19 GA Repeal "Preventing the Execution of Innocents" Auralia PASS
2018-11-19 SC Liberate the Coalition of Fascist Nations FAIL
2018-11-15 GA Repeal "On Universal Jurisdiction" Imperium Anglorum PASS
2018-11-14 SC Commend Xoriet PASS
2018-11-11 GA Don't Kill the Poor Act The Wallenburgian World Assembly Offices PASS
2018-11-07 GA Sensible Limits On Industry Act Islands of unity FAIL
2018-11-03 GA Repeal "Right To Self-defense" Imperium Anglorum PASS
2018-11-01 SC Commend Minoa PASS
2018-10-29 GA Right To Self-defense Nueva Rico PASS
2018-10-25 GA Cyberweapons Control Act Greater Cesnica FAIL
2018-10-21 GA Respondeat Superior Separatist Peoples PASS
2018-10-20 SC Condemn Chan Island PASS
2018-10-10 GA Repeal "Convention On International Oil Spills" Lord Dominator PASS
2018-10-06 GA Greenhouse Gas Cap And Trade Program Ransium PASS
2018-10-03 SC Liberate Federation of Conservative Nations FAIL
2018-09-28 SC Condemn Lord Dominator FAIL
2018-09-22 GA Convention On International Oil Spills Rovikstead PASS
2018-09-20 SC Liberate Confederation of Corrupt Dictators PASS
2018-09-18 GA Int'l Service of Process Separatist Peoples FAIL
2018-09-14 GA Preventing the Execution of Innocents Imperium Anglorum PASS
2018-09-09 GA Ban On Capital Punishment United Massachusetts FAIL
2018-09-05 GA Circulation of World Assembly Law The Wallenburgian World Assembly Offices PASS
2018-09-02 SC Commend Frattastan II PASS
2018-09-01 GA Repeal "On Universal Jurisdiction" Imperium Anglorum PASS
2018-08-29 SC Repeal "Liberate the Communal Confederacy" PASS
2018-08-28 GA Convention On Freshwater Shortages Zone 71 PASS
2018-08-25 SC Commend Confederation of Corrupt Dictators FAIL
2018-08-24 GA Administrative Compliance Act Separatist Peoples PASS
2018-08-20 GA Freedom of Expression For Organisations Uan aa Boa FAIL
2018-08-16 GA Uniform Labeling of Hazardous Goods Ransium PASS
2018-08-12 GA Repeal "Crime And Punishment" United Massachusetts PASS
2018-08-02 GA Ban On Conversion Therapy United Massachusetts PASS
2018-07-29 GA Protecting Free Expression United Massachusetts PASS
2018-07-11 GA Repeal "Ban On Secret Treaties" Jocospor FAIL
2018-06-29 SC Commend Greater Dienstad PASS
2018-06-27 GA Asbestos Consumption Disposal And Worker Protection Erithaca PASS
2018-06-25 SC Liberate Boston PASS
2018-06-23 GA Preventing the Illicit Trade of Cultural Artefacts Stoskavanya PASS
2018-06-21 SC Commend Helaw PASS
2018-06-18 GA Repeal "Freedom of Expression" Imperium Anglorum PASS
2018-06-17 SC Repeal "Liberate the Monarchist Entente" PASS
2018-06-13 SC Commend Guy PASS
2018-06-09 SC Condemn the League of Conservative Nations FAIL
2018-06-04 GA Preventing Desertification Erithaca PASS
2018-05-31 GA Agricultural Invasive Species Act The Wallenburgian World Assembly Offices PASS
2018-05-27 GA Freedom of Religion United Massachusetts PASS
2018-05-27 SC Commend Knootoss PASS
2018-05-23 SC Condemn the Communist Bloc FAIL
2018-05-19 SC Liberate the Conservative Christians FAIL
2018-05-15 GA Pride And Prejudice Bears Armed Mission FAIL
2018-05-06 GA Traditional Medicine Bears Armed Mission PASS
2018-05-06 SC Condemn Democratic Empire of Romania FAIL
2018-05-02 SC Commend Gay PASS
2018-04-28 SC Liberate the Monarchist Entente PASS
2018-04-24 SC Commend Solorni PASS
2018-04-20 GA End Excessive Data Retention Act Avgrunden FAIL
2018-04-20 SC Repeal "Liberate Kaiserreich" FAIL
2018-04-16 GA Agricultural Invasive Species Act The Wallenburgian World Assembly Offices FAIL
2018-04-16 SC Commend Alasdair I Frosticus PASS
2018-04-12 SC Repeal "Liberate Femdom Empire" PASS
2018-04-10 GA Ban On Statutory Limitations For Heinous Crimes Auralia PASS
2018-04-08 SC Condemn Union of Confederate Regions FAIL
2018-04-04 GA Convention On Foreign Political Corruption Auralia PASS
2018-04-04 SC Commend Wintony PASS
2018-03-31 SC Condemn Ever-wandering Souls FAIL
2018-03-27 SC Liberate Femdom Empire PASS
2018-03-23 SC Liberate the East Pacific PASS
2018-03-19 SC Liberate Nazi Europa PASS
2018-03-15 SC Liberate Kaiserreich PASS
2018-03-12 GA Protecting Minority Languages Stoskavanya PASS
2018-03-11 SC Condemn the Black Hawks FAIL
2018-03-05 SC Liberate the Communal Confederacy PASS
2018-03-04 GA Protecting Freshwater From Manufacturing Bill Rovikstead FAIL
2018-03-01 SC Liberate Westphalia FAIL
2018-02-28 GA Protection of Biomedical Research Tinfect PASS
2018-02-23 GA Repeal "Protection of Biomedical Research" Auralia PASS
2018-02-12 GA Repeal "Promoting Sustainable Timber" Kranostav PASS
2018-02-04 SC Liberate Westphalia FAIL
2018-02-03 GA Promoting Sustainable Timber Uan aa Boa PASS
2018-01-31 SC Condemn Wrapper PASS
2018-01-27 SC Commend Texas PASS
2018-01-24 GA The Cloning Conventions La Navasse FAIL
2018-01-23 SC Liberate Iran PASS
2018-01-11 GA Ozone Layer Protection Bears Armed Mission PASS
2018-01-07 GA Protection of Biomedical Research Tinfect PASS
2018-01-04 SC Commend the Mt Army PASS
2018-01-01 GA Voting Equality For Freed Inmates PASS

* Result is based on the last vote entry in the database, which is usually 50 minutes before the actual end of voting. It is not necessarily accurate. Imputation of whether something is at vote can also fail if NationStates update is accidentally delayed. Results also do not reflect whether something is in fact discarded.