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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author Result*
2019-12-28 GA Repeal "Convention on Animal Testing" Concrete Slab PASS
2019-12-24 GA Don't Shoot Strangers Act Umeria FAIL
2019-12-22 SC Commend Markanite Kuriko PASS
2019-12-20 GA Ensuring Commercial Vessel Navigation Terttia PASS
2019-12-16 GA Repeal "Civilian Aircraft Accord" Bitely FAIL
2019-12-12 GA Repeal "Ban on Secret Treaties" New Waldensia FAIL
2019-12-08 GA Repeal "Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools" Kaschovia FAIL
2019-12-06 SC Repeal "Liberate Aurelia" Kuriko PASS
2019-12-02 SC Commend Duxburian Union Kuriko PASS
2019-11-29 GA Repeal "Ban on Secret Treaties" Refuge Isle FAIL
2019-11-20 SC Liberate Aurelia Kuriko PASS
2019-11-15 GA Convention on Animal Testing Marxist Germany PASS
2019-11-15 SC Condemn Atlantic Bormiar PASS
2019-11-11 GA The Amelioration of Maritime Conditions Radical Republic FAIL
2019-11-07 GA Repeal "Ban on Sterilisation of Minors etc" Arkhamanishka PASS
2019-11-04 SC Commend Grays Harbor Sargon Reman PASS
2019-11-03 GA Protecting Borrower Rights Imperium Anglorum PASS
2019-10-30 GA Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools Kenmoria PASS
2019-10-27 SC Repeal "Condemn The Black Hawks" Tinhampton FAIL
2019-10-26 GA Financial and Economic Education Imperium Anglorum PASS
2019-10-22 GA Responsible Land Management Refuge Isle PASS
2019-10-18 GA Ban on Sterilisation of Minors etc Imperium Anglorum PASS
2019-09-30 GA Repeal "Preventing Desertification" Concrete Slab PASS
2019-09-24 GA Repeal "Prohibit Private Prisons" Marxist Germany PASS
2019-09-24 SC Commend Mikeswill Jocospor FAIL
2019-09-12 GA Ban on Forced Sterilisation Marxist Germany FAIL
2019-09-01 SC Condemn Koem Kab Bormiar PASS
2019-08-25 SC Condemn North East Somerset Xoriet PASS
2019-08-19 SC Condemn The New Inquisition Cormactopia Prime PASS
2019-08-18 GA Reducing Food Waste Kenmoria PASS
2019-08-01 GA Treatment of the Deceased Fecaw FAIL
2019-07-26 GA Preventing Unjust Warfare United Massachusetts FAIL
2019-07-26 SC Condemn Kyrusia Marilyn Manson Freaks FAIL
2019-07-22 GA Protecting Personal Privacy Marxist Germany FAIL
2019-07-22 SC Commend Auralia United Massachusetts FAIL
2019-07-18 GA Prohibit Private Prisons Christian Democrats PASS
2019-07-12 GA Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy Morover PASS
2019-07-09 SC Commend the Rejected Realms Greater Cesnica FAIL
2019-06-15 GA Prevention of Mutually assured destruction Morover FAIL
2019-06-15 SC Commend Common Territories Kuriko PASS
2019-06-11 SC Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II Marilyn Manson Freaks PASS
2019-06-07 GA World Assembly Justice Accord Wallenburg PASS
2019-06-07 SC Condemn Pierconium Kingdom of Napels PASS
2019-06-03 SC Commend Woonsocket Sargon Reman PASS
2019-06-02 GA Right to Farm San Carlos Islands FAIL
2019-05-29 SC Condemn The Land of Kings and Emperors Consular FAIL
2019-05-08 SC Repeal "Liberate Politics Amino" Lord Dominator PASS
2019-05-05 GA Preventing Species Extinction Ransium PASS
2019-05-01 GA Protection of Airspace East Meranopirus PASS
2019-04-26 GA Repeal "Endangered Species Protection" Ransium PASS
2019-04-20 GA Repeal "Protecting Personal Data" Imperium Anglorum PASS
2019-04-17 SC Condemn Darkesia Xoriet PASS
2019-04-15 GA Fair Depository standards Act Lusane FAIL
2019-04-11 GA Protecting Personal Data Marxist Germany PASS
2019-04-07 GA Drug Abuse Amelioration Act Maowi FAIL
2019-04-02 GA Astronomical Data Repository Kranostav PASS
2019-04-01 SC Repeal "Liberate Confederation of Corrupt Dictators" Shrewllamaland FAIL
2019-03-21 SC Commend Severisen Xoriet PASS
2019-03-16 SC Condemn Civil Defence Siren Slackertown FAIL
2019-03-12 GA The Cloning Conventions Caspian Settlement FAIL
2019-03-08 GA Repeal "On Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes" I Came I Saw I Dominated FAIL
2019-03-04 GA Repeal "defending the rights of sexual and gender minorities" Thx1138 FAIL
2019-02-28 GA Restricting Solitary Confinement Maowi FAIL
2019-02-26 SC Commend The North Pacific Tinhampton FAIL
2019-02-19 SC Condemn Antifa Koholint-island FAIL
2019-02-19 GA On Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes Cosmosplosion PASS
2019-02-15 GA Command Responsibility Separatist Peoples PASS
2019-02-08 GA defending the rights of sexual and gender minorities Maowi PASS
2019-02-04 GA Right to self-defense Nueva Rico FAIL
2019-01-31 GA Repeal "Safeguarding Nuclear Materials" Wallenburg FAIL
2019-01-23 GA Freedom to Seek Medical Care II New Waldensia PASS
2019-01-22 SC Liberate Politics Amino Kuriko PASS
2019-01-19 GA Repeal "Debtor Voting Rights" Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar PASS
2019-01-17 SC Repeal "Commend Imperium Anglorum" Jocospor FAIL
2019-01-14 GA Debtor Voting Rights Imperium Anglorum PASS
2019-01-13 SC Commend Paffnia Kuriko PASS
2019-01-09 SC Commend Jutsa Candensia PASS
2019-01-05 GA Preventing Groundwater Contamination Wallenburg PASS
2019-01-01 SC Commend Lyras Kostrorleauny PASS

* Result is based on the last vote entry in the database, which is usually 50 minutes before the actual end of voting. It is not necessarily accurate. Imputation of whether something is at vote can also fail if NationStates update is accidentally delayed. Results also do not reflect whether something is in fact discarded.