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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author Result*
2020-12-29 GA International Radio Standards Act Merni PASS
2020-12-25 GA Tariffs and Trade Convention Imperium Anglorum PASS
2020-12-23 SC Commend Verdant Haven Westinor PASS
2020-12-21 GA Fairness in Collective Bargaining Cretox State PASS
2020-12-19 SC Repeal "Commend The Holy Principality of Saint Mark" Gorundu PASS
2020-12-17 GA Repeal "International Road Safety" Free Azell FAIL
2020-12-15 SC Commend The Western Isles Greater Cesnica PASS
2020-12-13 GA Water Fluoridation Act Scalizagasti FAIL
2020-12-11 SC Commend Praeceps Honeydewistania PASS
2020-12-09 GA Repeal "Rights of the employed" Cretox State PASS
2020-12-04 GA Repeal "Protecting Sites of Religious Significance" Honeydewistania PASS
2020-12-02 SC Commend The Templar High Council Praeceps PASS
2020-11-30 GA Protected Working Leave Cretox State PASS
2020-11-28 SC Condemn The Free Joy State Cretox State PASS
2020-11-26 GA Land Reclamation Regulation Orca and Narwhal PASS
2020-11-23 SC Commend Kenmoria Honeydewistania PASS
2020-11-22 GA Repeal "Landfill Regulation Act" Honeydewistania PASS
2020-11-19 SC Commend Twobagger Jakker City FAIL
2020-11-18 GA Repeal "Supporting and Valuing the Humanities" Imperium Anglorum PASS
2020-11-15 SC Commend Ariusgrad Joan Darc FAIL
2020-11-14 GA Patient Travel Freedoms Cretox State PASS
2020-11-11 SC Commend Sierra Lyricalia Cretox State PASS
2020-11-10 GA Protecting Sites of Religious Significance Boston Castle PASS
2020-11-07 SC Repeal "Commend Wintony" Makdon PASS
2020-11-06 GA Repeal "GMO International Trade Accord" Regnum Italiae PASS
2020-11-02 SC Commend Morover Noahs Second Country PASS
2020-11-02 GA Landfill Regulation Act Cretox State PASS
2020-10-24 GA Provisional Rule in Wartime Separatist Peoples PASS
2020-10-21 SC Condemn Northern Borland Tinhampton FAIL
2020-10-20 GA Reducing Disease Vectors Honeydewistania PASS
2020-10-17 SC Commend Kuriko Morover PASS
2020-10-16 GA Repeal "World Assembly Trade Rights" Imperium Anglorum PASS
2020-10-12 GA Repeal "Ban on Sterilisation of Minors etc" Gorundu PASS
2020-10-12 SC Condemn Raionitu Kingdom of Napels PASS
2020-10-02 GA International Bankruptcy Protocol Separatist Peoples PASS
2020-09-28 GA Ending School Segregation Imperium Anglorum PASS
2020-09-26 SC Condemn The Land of Kings and Emperors Makdon FAIL
2020-09-24 GA Sovereign Justice Accord Pope Saint Peter the Apostle PASS
2020-09-22 SC Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls Refuge Isle PASS
2020-09-20 GA Pedagogical Freedom Tinhampton FAIL
2020-09-18 SC Liberate Syria Kuriko PASS
2020-09-16 GA Commercial Arbitration Recognition Cretox State PASS
2020-09-14 SC Commend The Red Fleet Honeydewistania PASS
2020-09-12 GA Repeal "Supporting and Valuing the Humanities" Tinhampton FAIL
2020-09-09 SC Commend Altino Wymondham FAIL
2020-09-08 GA Ensuring Effectual Recycling Honeydewistania PASS
2020-09-05 SC Repeal "Commend Kuriko" Morover PASS
2020-09-04 GA Marine Protection Act Cretox State PASS
2020-09-01 SC Repeal "Commend The Red Fleet" Bormiar PASS
2020-08-31 GA Land Reclamation Regulation Orca and Narwhal FAIL
2020-08-28 SC Repeal "Commend Evil Wolf" Marxist Germany FAIL
2020-08-27 GA GMO International Trade Accord Cretox State PASS
2020-08-23 SC Commend Valanora Electrum PASS
2020-08-23 GA Restrictions on Forced Eugenics Maowi PASS
2020-08-19 GA Repeal "Promotion of Recycling" Honeydewistania PASS
2020-08-17 SC Condemn Noahs Second Country Honeydewistania PASS
2020-08-15 GA Public Access to Court Records Imperium Anglorum PASS
2020-08-11 SC Commend Wallenburg Morover PASS
2020-08-11 GA Repeal "Wartime Journalism Protection Act" Refuge Isle PASS
2020-08-07 SC Commend Nuremgard Cretox State PASS
2020-08-07 GA Integrity in Law Enforcement Cretox State PASS
2020-08-03 GA Protecting Legal Rights of Workers Cretox State PASS
2020-08-03 SC Commend Trotterdam Noahs Second Country PASS
2020-07-30 GA Repeal "Freedom to Seek Medical Care II" Honeydewistania PASS
2020-07-30 SC Commend Frieden-und Freudenland Kuriko PASS
2020-07-26 GA International Transportation Preclearance Act South St Maarten FAIL
2020-07-26 SC Commend Vippertooth33 Honeydewistania PASS
2020-07-22 GA Wartime Journalism Protection Act Foril PASS
2020-07-22 SC Condemn Mikeswill Morover FAIL
2020-07-18 GA International Criminal Protocol Tinfect PASS
2020-07-18 SC Commend Christian Democrats Marxist Germany FAIL
2020-07-14 GA Peaceful First Contact Umeria FAIL
2020-07-14 SC Condemn ravana Can No Rey FAIL
2020-07-10 GA Access to Abortion Imperium Anglorum PASS
2020-07-05 GA Ban on Forced Blood Sports Honeydewistania PASS
2020-07-01 GA Repeal "Military Identification Tag Act" Morover PASS
2020-06-27 GA Fair Arbitration Act Cretox State PASS
2020-06-27 SC Condemn Australian rePublic Authoritaria-imperia PASS
2020-06-23 GA Standards On Police Accountability Isaris FAIL
2020-06-23 SC Commend The Salaxalans Morover PASS
2020-06-19 GA Supporting and Valuing the Humanities Castle Federation PASS
2020-06-19 SC Repeal "Condemn Vandoosa" Tinhampton FAIL
2020-06-15 GA Regulating Desalination Honeydewistania PASS
2020-06-15 SC Commend Apulita Jean Rowe FAIL
2020-06-11 GA Language and Education Rights for Deaf Individuals Morover PASS
2020-06-11 SC Repeal "Liberate Iran" Iramerica PASS
2020-06-07 GA Proper Hygiene For Medical Instruments Morover PASS
2020-06-07 SC Commend 9003 Noahs Second Country PASS
2020-06-03 GA Rights of the employed The Greater Soviet North America PASS
2020-06-03 SC Commend Crushing Our Enemies Jakker City PASS
2020-05-30 GA Restrictions On Blood Sports Honeydewistania FAIL
2020-05-27 SC Commend Vilita and Turori Francois Isidore PASS
2020-05-26 GA Military Identification Tag Act Alba and Cymru PASS
2020-05-22 GA Ethical Treatment of Animals in Research Maowi PASS
2020-05-20 SC Commend Candensia Fauxia PASS
2020-05-18 GA Repeal "Ensuring Safe Syringe Use" Morover PASS
2020-05-16 SC Condemn Auphelia Aumeltopia PASS
2020-05-14 GA Requiring Promulgation of National Laws Sancta Romana Ecclesia FAIL
2020-05-12 SC Commend Audioslavia Electrum PASS
2020-05-10 GA Repeal "Data Protection Accord" United Cats of America FAIL
2020-05-08 SC Condemn Psychotic Dictatorships Morover PASS
2020-05-06 GA Standards for international Road Freight The New Sicilian State FAIL
2020-05-04 SC Commend Almonaster Nuevo Makdon PASS
2020-05-02 GA Ban on the Administration of Unwanted Substances Morover PASS
2020-04-30 SC Commend Destructive Government Economic System 9003 PASS
2020-04-28 GA Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms" Marxist Germany FAIL
2020-04-26 SC Condemn Deruuu A Mean Old Man FAIL
2020-04-24 GA On Marijuana Vhaovamer FAIL
2020-04-22 SC Commend The Holy Principality of Saint Mark The Unified Missourtama States PASS
2020-04-20 GA Prevention Of Forced Sterilisation Maowi PASS
2020-04-18 SC Repeal "Condemn This Game" Morover PASS
2020-04-14 SC Condemn Nations Creating Regions For SC Props Davelands FAIL
2020-04-10 SC Commend Kuriko Agalaesia PASS
2020-04-01 SC Condemn This Game Lord Dominator PASS
2020-03-25 GA Repeal "Disease Naming Compact" Gorundu PASS
2020-03-24 SC Condemn Cormactopia Prime Jakker City FAIL
2020-03-21 GA On The Health and Financial Well-being of Workers Cosmosplosion FAIL
2020-03-17 GA Interference-Causing Equipment Standards Act Greater Cesnica FAIL
2020-03-17 SC Commend Cormactopia Prime Jakker City FAIL
2020-03-13 GA Disease Naming Compact Tinhampton PASS
2020-03-12 SC Commend Kindjal Bormiar PASS
2020-03-06 GA Repeal "Promotion of Recycling" Biscany FAIL
2020-03-03 SC Liberate The East Pacific Marrabuk FAIL
2020-03-02 GA Oceanic Hazardous Waste Disposal Ban Nagatar Karumuttu Chettiar PASS
2020-02-25 SC Commend 00000 A World Power Sargon Reman FAIL
2020-02-24 GA Promotion of Recycling Greifenburg PASS
2020-02-20 GA Limitation of Inhumane Weaponry The Cot Corporation FAIL
2020-02-19 SC Commend Arconian Empire Thx1138 FAIL
2020-02-15 SC Liberate The Union of the Axis Powers Praeceps FAIL
2020-02-10 SC Liberate Pars Kuriko FAIL
2020-02-06 SC Condemn Tinfect Morover PASS
2020-02-03 GA Repeal "Preventing the Execution of Innocents" Tinhampton FAIL
2020-02-02 SC Condemn Gatesville Inc Bormiar PASS
2020-01-29 SC Commend Crushing Our Enemies Jakker City FAIL
2020-01-25 GA Ban on the Involuntary Administration of Drugs Morover PASS
2020-01-25 SC Condemn Norrlands Ultior FAIL
2020-01-21 GA Ensuring Safe Syringe Use Sylvai PASS
2020-01-21 SC Commend Benevolent Thomas Marxist Germany PASS
2020-01-17 GA Forensics Accord Clydeith FAIL
2020-01-10 GA Data Protection Accord Marxist Germany PASS
2020-01-05 GA Subject State Enforcement Act Morover FAIL
2020-01-03 SC Commend Ramaeus Xoriet PASS
2020-01-01 GA Wartime Healthcare Protections Maowi PASS

* Result is based on the last vote entry in the database, which is usually 50 minutes before the actual end of voting. It is not necessarily accurate. Imputation of whether something is at vote can also fail if NationStates update is accidentally delayed. Results also do not reflect whether something is in fact discarded.