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The following is a list of at-vote resolutions in kept by the World Assembly office.

The following is a list of all the voting records which the WA Office keeps. Click on the title of the resolution for more information.

Date Chamber Title Author Result*
2021-12-30 GA The Children Act Telgan Alpha FAIL
2021-12-28 SC Reflections on 2021 Andusre PASS
2021-12-26 GA Repeal "Clean Prostitute Act" Tinhampton PASS
2021-12-22 GA Repeal "Paid Leave Act" Minskiev PASS
2021-12-19 SC Advancement of WA Diversity Thousand Branches PASS
2021-12-18 GA Repeal "Rights of Crime Victims" Morover PASS
2021-12-15 SC Condemn The Communist Bloc Nationalist Northumbria FAIL
2021-12-11 SC Commend Sacara Tinhampton FAIL
2021-12-09 GA Self-Defence Education Compact Tinhampton FAIL
2021-12-07 SC Commend Elegarth Giovanniland PASS
2021-12-05 GA Peace and Sustainable Development Tinhampton FAIL
2021-12-01 GA Repeal "Clean Prostitute Act" Thousand Branches FAIL
2021-11-29 SC Commend Mount Seymour Hulldom PASS
2021-11-27 GA The Environmental Protections act The Empire of Prussian Peoples FAIL
2021-11-23 GA Repeal "Promotion of Clean Energy" Xernon PASS
2021-11-19 GA Emergency Broadcasting Standards Hulldom PASS
2021-11-15 GA Paid Leave Act Minskiev PASS
2021-11-10 SC Commend Joe Bobs Apatosaurus FAIL
2021-11-05 SC The Zombie Apocalypse Concrete Slab FAIL
2021-11-04 GA Paid Leave Act Minskiev FAIL
2021-10-31 GA Homelessness Mitigation and Protections Act Xernon PASS
2021-10-29 SC Commend Cassadaigua Tinhampton PASS
2021-10-27 GA Access to Effective Medications Xanthorrhoea PASS
2021-10-25 SC Commend Nephara Tinhampton PASS
2021-10-23 GA Repeal "Protected Working Leave" Minskiev PASS
2021-10-21 SC Commend Libertanny Aivintis FAIL
2021-10-19 GA Repeal "World Assembly Headquarters" Kavagrad FAIL
2021-10-17 SC Condemn Wickedly evil people Giovanniland PASS
2021-10-15 GA Omnibus Due Process Act Imperium Anglorum PASS
2021-10-13 SC Condemn Dalimbar Giovanniland PASS
2021-10-09 GA Repeal "Drug Decriminalization Act" Abacathea FAIL
2021-10-09 SC Commend Pallaith Hulldom PASS
2021-10-05 GA Promoting Democratic Stability Act Hulldom PASS
2021-10-05 SC Declaration on Crabs of the Apocalypse Concrete Slab PASS
2021-10-01 GA Transgender Self-Determination Tinhampton PASS
2021-09-30 SC Liberate The Catgirl Hivemind A Melted Instant Pot Lid FAIL
2021-09-27 GA Health and Safety Act Alistia FAIL
2021-09-26 SC Against Destructive Raiding Practices Aivintis FAIL
2021-09-23 GA Drug Decriminalization Act Greater Cesnica PASS
2021-09-22 SC Statement on the Nuclear Apocalypse Morover PASS
2021-09-19 GA Recreational Drugs Compact Tinhampton FAIL
2021-09-18 SC Commend LadyRebels Apatosaurus FAIL
2021-09-15 GA Preventing Identity Theft Morover PASS
2021-09-14 SC Repeal "Liberate Nazi Europa" Tinhampton FAIL
2021-09-11 GA Repeal "Elections and Assistance Act" Hulldom PASS
2021-09-10 SC Condemn Thaecia New Burnet FAIL
2021-09-07 GA Repeal "Identity Theft Prevention Act" Morover PASS
2021-09-06 SC Commend Suvmia Laudesia PASS
2021-09-03 GA Protections During Territorial Transitions Daarwyrth PASS
2021-09-02 SC Commend Maowi Hulldom PASS
2021-08-30 GA Repeal "Preventing the Execution of Innocents" Wallenburg PASS
2021-08-29 SC Liberate New Western Atlantic Andusre PASS
2021-08-26 GA Equal Justice Under Law Daarwyrth PASS
2021-08-25 SC Against Quorum Raiding Jedinsto FAIL
2021-08-22 GA Access to Transgender Hormone Therapy Honeydewistania PASS
2021-08-21 SC Commend Pope Hope Emodea PASS
2021-08-18 GA Disaster Precautions And Responses Morover PASS
2021-08-17 SC Commend The Holy Principality of Saint Mark Giovanniland PASS
2021-08-14 GA Repeal "The Rule of Law" Greater Cesnica PASS
2021-08-13 SC Commend Imperium Anglorum Jedinsto PASS
2021-08-10 GA World Assembly Peace Prize Tinhampton FAIL
2021-08-09 SC Convention Against Heisting Debussy FAIL
2021-08-06 GA Repeal "Preparing for Disasters" Morover PASS
2021-08-05 SC Commend Testlandia The Unified Missourtama States FAIL
2021-08-02 GA Repeal "On Multilateral Trade Talks" Tinhampton PASS
2021-08-01 SC Commend Pencil Sharpeners 2 Minskiev PASS
2021-07-29 GA Factory Farming Ban The Python FAIL
2021-07-28 SC Declaration on Hippopotamuses Bears Armed Mission PASS
2021-07-25 GA Epidemic Investigation Act Imperium Anglorum PASS
2021-07-24 SC Commend Drop Your Pants The Python PASS
2021-07-21 GA Volcanic Activity Convention Minskiev PASS
2021-07-20 SC On Interregional Recruitment Khevo FAIL
2021-07-17 GA World Assembly Border Policy The Wary Walrus PASS
2021-07-16 SC Recognition of the General Assembly Morover PASS
2021-07-13 GA Conscientious objection to abortion Imperium Anglorum FAIL
2021-07-12 SC Advancement of Anti-Fascist Action Cormactopia Prime PASS
2021-07-09 GA Repeal "International Salvage Laws" Jedinsto PASS
2021-07-08 SC Commend Imkiville Debussy PASS
2021-07-05 GA Repeal "Ban on Conversion Therapy" Tinhampton PASS
2021-07-01 GA Protection of Apostates Daarwyrth PASS
2021-06-27 GA Convention On Guest Workers Hulldom PASS
2021-06-23 GA End Conversion Therapy Tinhampton PASS
2021-06-19 GA Safety Regulations for Trade Route Canals Walfo FAIL
2021-06-15 GA Repeal "Toxic Heavy Metals Act" Jedinsto PASS
2021-06-09 GA Prohibition Of Unwarranted Digital Surveillance Greater Cesnica PASS
2021-06-05 GA Fairness in Elections Tinhampton FAIL
2021-06-01 GA Corporal Punishment Ban Tinhampton FAIL
2021-05-30 SC Commend HumanSanity Moonfungus PASS
2021-05-28 GA Repeal "Protecting Native Prairies and Grasslands" Daarwyrth PASS
2021-05-25 SC Repeal "Condemn the Pacific" Cormactopia Prime PASS
2021-05-24 GA Protecting Imprisoned Youths Jedinsto PASS
2021-05-21 SC Commend Altmoras The Python PASS
2021-05-20 GA Safety and Integrity in Conflict Journalism Refuge Isle PASS
2021-05-16 GA Repeal "Protected Working Leave" Daarwyrth FAIL
2021-05-12 GA Freedom of dress Tinhampton FAIL
2021-05-12 SC Commend Deadeye Jack Humansanity PASS
2021-05-08 GA Protecting Convicted Voters Tinhampton FAIL
2021-05-08 SC Condemn Quebecshire A Melted Instant Pot Lid FAIL
2021-05-04 GA Protecting Native Prairies and Grasslands Big Boyz PASS
2021-05-04 SC Commend Ellenburg Honeydewistania PASS
2021-04-30 GA Regulation on the Integrity of Genetic Data Daarwyrth FAIL
2021-04-26 GA Citizenship And Birth Act South St Maarten PASS
2021-04-22 GA Repeal "On Abortion" Wallenburg PASS
2021-04-18 GA Long-Term Storage Of Produced Waste Molopovia FAIL
2021-04-17 SC Commend Kelssek Drawkland PASS
2021-04-14 GA Freedom Of Association Boston Castle PASS
2021-04-10 GA Repeal "Voting Equality for Freed Inmates" Tinhampton PASS
2021-04-09 SC Commend Honeydewistania Calamari Lands PASS
2021-04-06 GA Reducing Microplastics Scalizagasti PASS
2021-04-05 SC Commend Marrabuk Andusre PASS
2021-04-02 GA Repeal "Digital Network Defense" Saint Tomas and the Northern Ice Islands PASS
2021-03-29 GA Blood Donation Safety and Equality Act Crowheim PASS
2021-03-25 GA Military Death Penalty Ban Qvait PASS
2021-03-24 SC Condemn Scardino The Python FAIL
2021-03-21 GA Repeal "Digital Network Defense" Saint Tomas and the Northern Ice Islands PASS
2021-03-15 SC Condemn Dilber A Melted Instant Pot Lid FAIL
2021-03-11 SC Condemn Minineenee Xoriet PASS
2021-03-09 GA Prohibition Of Honor-Based Violence Greater Cesnica PASS
2021-03-07 SC Condemn The Communist Bloc Kazakhstan 3 FAIL
2021-03-05 GA Protecting the Rights of Labour Unions Junitaki-cho PASS
2021-03-03 SC Commend Roavin Vippertooth33 PASS
2021-03-01 GA Gay Panic defense Ban Crowheim PASS
2021-02-27 SC Repeal "Liberate The Embassy" Alcala-cordel PASS
2021-02-25 GA Repeal "Fairness in Collective Bargaining" Sylh Alanor PASS
2021-02-23 SC Condemn Lily Aredita FAIL
2021-02-21 GA Supporting People with Disabilities Free Las Pinas PASS
2021-02-19 SC Repeal "Commend Northern Borland" Noahs Second Country PASS
2021-02-17 GA Whistleblower Protection Act Boston Castle PASS
2021-02-15 SC Liberate The Embassy Humansanity PASS
2021-02-13 GA Right To Secure Digital Communication Greater Cesnica PASS
2021-02-11 SC Commend 1 very fast endotarter Noahs Second Country PASS
2021-02-09 GA Right to Assemble Maowi PASS
2021-02-07 SC Commend Northern Borland Honeydewistania PASS
2021-02-05 GA Repeal "Death Penalty Ban" Dalmyria FAIL
2021-02-02 SC Commend King HEM Ambrella PASS
2021-02-01 GA Repeal "Freedom of Assembly" Wymondham PASS
2021-01-28 GA Protecting Sapient Life Tinhampton FAIL
2021-01-24 GA Death Penalty Ban Imperium Anglorum PASS
2021-01-20 GA Fair Treatment of Prisoners Greater Cesnica PASS
2021-01-15 GA Repeal "International Criminal Protocol" Greater Cesnica PASS
2021-01-11 SC Commend Northrop-Grumman Makdon FAIL
2021-01-07 SC Commend Singapore no2 That Crazy Casbah Sound PASS
2021-01-03 SC Repeal "Commend The Western Isles" Bormiar PASS
2021-01-02 GA Regulating Remote Election Administration Boston Castle FAIL

* Result is based on the last vote entry in the database, which is usually 50 minutes before the actual end of voting. It is not necessarily accurate. Imputation of whether something is at vote can also fail if NationStates update is accidentally delayed. Results also do not reflect whether something is in fact discarded.